Blue Velvet.

Good Morning Pussycats,How is everyone doing today? This morning was weird, and things have been weird and I have been stressed but its okay. Things will always be okay pussycats. This may be vague and this may be confusing but just know pussycats, that I love you, and you will be okay. Okay?

Things are simple today.  very very simple. I don't need anything to fuss over, and besides who doesn't adore blue velvet, right?

Outfit Details: Top: Topshop /  Shorts: Topshop / Bag: Topshop / Shoes: Dolce Vita (not Topshop surprisingly)
To purchase these items CLICK the clothing images <3

These shoes have become my trusted steads of footwear. I seriously wear them all the time and they are so comfy and yes. 

So Pussycats, I hope you have a great day
please keep it sassy,


  1. aw I love that top! gorgeous as always :)

  2. Your velvet shorts are delicious and look so cute with cream lace. <3