Would Helen Gurley Brown do this?

Bon Jour Pussycats,
Today is a day for ADVENTURE. While getting prepared for my trip next month I've been thinking A LOT about adventure. How is it that some people can dive head first into the deep unknown whereas I need to plan and prep and stick my big toe in first? WHY DOES SPONTANEITY SCARE ME SO MUCH? Regardless here are a few of my tips for adventure:
  • Wear a hat always, and sunscreen no body wants to be sunburnt
  • If the activity requires any shoes besides a pair of keds it isn't worth it
  • YOLO isn't really a thing if it puts your life in jeopardy
  • When in doubt, think "would Helen Gurley Brown do this?" and or "Could I possibly get pregnant from this?" use your best judgement
  • Coconut water is essential! HYDRATE PUSSYCATS! 

Outfit Details: Top: Topshop / Shorts: American Apparel / Hat: American Apparel / Shoes: Dolce Vita

So, GO PUSSYCATS, get out and see the world. Or just look in your backyard, I'm sure you'll discover something new and let me know what you find! 

Have a great day pussycats
and please, keep it sassy,


  1. Wow I am OBSESSED with that top! I really miss living near a Topshop...

  2. lovely..i am gaga over the boots and this fab top