The Great Perhaps.

Good day Pussycats,Sometimes we forget to take our time. With the transition of summer to fall, we musn't forget our transition from the lazy house cat Garfields' to the Speedy Gonzalez' of the school yard! Just keep your head up, drink a warm cup of coffee and don't forget to stop and look around because you might miss someone vaguely hot! Now onto my outfit, and hey, don't act so surprised, its gets...kinda cold here...kinda.

Outfit Details: Cape: Betsey Johnson / Dress: Betsey Johnson / Shoes: Vintage

Photos by the amazing and talented Kate Ryan
Pussycats, today is a day of remembrance, so when you are taking your moment think about all of those who died in 911, think about all of those who died due to American terrorist attacks in other countries, think about all of those who've died due to the intense islamaphobia, homophobia, transphobia and racism that breads rampant in this country, think about my friend Sascha, who passed away two years ago yesterday. After a good long moment of silence, move forward and try not to be too sad, because despite our world being a really shitty place most of the time, there are good parts too and life isn't worth living if we forget those.

I hope you have a good day pussycats, I know it will be rough one for all of us.
And if you need someone to talk too, dont be too shy to contact me!
Please keep it sassy,


  1. you look gorgeous lady! The scenery, OMG! and I agree, we all need a little time aside to think about the good, and the bad too, unfortunately.

  2. I <3 this outfit. You look like you're in the middle of Hansel and Gretel!


  3. That is a totally adorable outfit! Definitely a favourite!

  4. I love love love love this cape, such a shame betsey its not around like it used to be

    ps. I miss your pink hair
    ps. (2) I hope my first ps wasn't creepy at all