The Endless Summer: Aye Aye Cappin'

Ahoy Pussycats, 

Even though school has begun, I'm holding on steadfast to summer because I can, okay? Why throw myself head first into schoolwork, when I can stop and smell the seagulls a little bit longer? Aka this is all a giant coping mechanism to remain in denial, instead of facing the back-to-school-titanic-esque-terror that is in front of me, and instead of submersing myself headfirst, I'm gonna slowly sink, while I can. 

Outfit Details: Top: American Apparel / Shorts: Betsey Johnson /  Jacket: Vintage / Shoes: Tory Burch / Scarf: Vintage

And on that note, I'm off to navigate myself through the torrential waters otherwise known as Psychology of Human Emotion's homework. And if you are currently reading this while procrastinating the tough seas ahead of you, I will give you the mature advice and tell you to follow that north star and get your stuff done! And hey, once your work is completed, revisit dailysass.com I'm sure you will find something new that you havent yet discovered!
Have a great day, and please keep it sassyxoxoxoxoSasssquatch
P.S. Photos by the AMAZING and talented Jhune Li.


  1. AHH, lady! You look ADORABLE.
    Such a nautical babe <3

  2. such lovely blue hues! you are too cute and that jacket is too die for. <3

  3. So pretty! I just bought this top online, but I think it looks better on you than on me, haha!