LFW: Fashion East RYAN LO

Well Hello, Hello Pussycats.
I know its an outfit day, HOWEVER, I thought since it has been Fashion Week, and I didn't get a chance to shoot any outfit pictures this past weekend, I thought why not do a little LFW coverage? 
To begin, may I just say, I JUST found out about Fashion East, if you are like me and didn't know what it is let me explain, Fashion East is a non-profit initiative that takes awesome young designers and gives them a push in the right direction in the early stages of their career. That being said this ole little nonprofit receives sponsorship funding from TOPSHOP, I should've known!

Anywho, this initiative features up one of my new favorite designers, Ryan Lo 

Now, I'm sorry, but have you ever seen a collection that was more Sasssquatch? The animal ears, the simple color pallet, the diverse textures and gorgeously classic silhouettes not to mention ADORABLE prints. This collection has probably been one of my favorites of all time! I think what I love about it the most is that it takes these beautiful sillouettes and rich textures but makes it so silly and fun with the prints and the ears. Its the perfect mix of Kawaii and Classy and that is EXACTLY what I look for in a collection. It's just...purrrrfect ;)click here to see the rest of the collection

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About the designer:"Born in Hong Kong, Ryan LO spent his a large portion of his formative years in London, where he attended university, discovered his loves and hates, and met amazing individuals like Charles Anastase, with whom he honed his skills. Romantic Fantasy is a consistent theme in life and work of fashion designer Ryan Lo. Drawing inspirations from current pop culture and a childlike notion of girliness, Ryan crafts his designs with an unconventional DIY approach having taught himself to knit from YouTube tutorials. His rule breaking maximalist sensibility sees him manipulating anything from tulle, tinsel and ribbons into extraordinary knitted creations. On the eve of his debut presentations, Ryan's bold artistic statement has garnered support from LOVE magazine, Dazed and Confused, Charlie Porter, as well as the beloved Style Bubble. His increasing recognition also includes a nomination for the star-studded Dazed & Confused x G-Shock award." (bio)