Interviewing Avril Lavigne and Other Updates!

Photo by Jhune Li

Hello Pussycats, 
It's been far too long since I've given you guys a proper update. If you are my friend on facebook or on Tumblr or something you may have seen stuff here and there but its time I give you guys proper updates starrrttttiiinnggggg MEOW

    • Yes, It's true. And I still can't actually believe that I talked to a famous celebrity like herself, in person. This was my first celebrity interview and I can honestly say it went pretty well! When transcribing the interview I realized I should've asked a lot more questions but for my first BIG celebrity interview I think I did pretty alright. I want to divulge more about it, but I think you guys might just have to wait till the next issue of Disfunkshion magazine is out (but don't worry, I'll do a giveaway).
  • I'm Going to Teen Vogue Fashion University this October
    • This one I already mentioned on this blog, but I'm scared and nervous and freaking out and excited and scared and GAH. If any of you have done it or have any tips about New York or the weather at that time or anything like that PLEASE let me know, I have absolutely NO idea so PLEASE help a sasssquatch out
  • I'm a blogger/video host for Art+Flea
    • If you don't know what Art+Flea is, you are a square, or you don't live in Hawaii...hahaha. So basically it's a local swap meet/art event where really rad vendors sell their really rad stuff and people come and socialize and listen to really rad music and its just really rad okay? Anywho they have a really cool website and they wanted some local bloggers so they chose me! I have a little ole segment called CAELAN'S CORNER and I do occasional videos for them too If you would like to see them click here
  • I was published on Thought Catalog
    • I was looking through Thought Catalog the other day and I thought, why don't I submit something? So I looked through my blogs and found my favorite piece I've ever written. I reuploaded "How to Throw Yourself a Pity Party" and they chose to feature it CLICK HERE its crazy how such an old post did well, I haven't had pink hair in a year but they liked it and I'm so thankful! I'm really happy that I reuploaded it because I'm glad it got more attention considering I really do think it's the best piece I've ever written. Let me know what you think and what other posts I should post.
  • I now have ads on my blog
    • Check them out, I really thought long and hard about what kind of sponsors and advertisers I want. I wanted to ethically support them and like their brand and image and I'm pretty happy with Nordstrom, Betsey Johnson and Wildfox. Lets me know what you think!
So forgive this lame post, I'm sorry its not more interesting but I thought you guys would care, idk maybe? ahahahha 
Have a great day
please keep it sassy,


  1. KK- I Love That You Capitalize Every Word.
    Your big sis does that too, you know...

  2. Congrats dear! :D


  3. Avril Lavigne!! Well done girl! And congrats for all these great news ^^

  4. Oh my God! The 12 year old inside me just died. I was obsessed with her when her first album came out. I remember sneaking out of my house and getting a ride to her show. I squeezed my way to the very front and it was *amazing* ... but anyway, haha. That's awesome about Teen Vogue Fashion University! Congrats on all the good news. :)