Guest Writer: Elizabeth Sees HAIM

Hi. It's me. I'm back and talking about music this time. So lately, actually in the past year, I've become obsessed with this new band, I dunno if you've ever heard of them they're called HAIM. If you're reading this and you don't catch the sarcasm, do some research because this band will be your life. Haim is a girl rock group comprised of 3 sisters - Alana, Danielle and Este Haim. They're pretty much the coolest girls ever. Their music is BEYOND amazing (their album is streaming on npr right now) and as rad as you think their recordings are, these girls know how to put on a killer live show. So that's what I'm gonna talk about. Because concerts are fun and basically the best part of my life right now.

Last spring I got my usual Bowery Presents email with updates on their upcoming concerts. The second I saw Haim's name I properly freaked out. This was an unusual situation for me; I normally just stalk ticketmaster and get tickets ASAP, but I lucked out thanks to a blogger friend of mine who actually knows Este! And asked her to put me on the guest list. And she did. So that happened. Hurray for money saving, I told you tumblr was good for something mom! Anywho, on Tuesday September 3rd, I sprinted from my evening seminar to Webster Hall, got my VIP sticker (nbd, whatevs) and paved my way to the front by hitting everyone with my huge backpack. I was super excited because my friends had been hyping up their show for me since June when I missed Haim's performance at GovBall to see The Vaccines (for the 3rd time, I'm in love with them okay). They surpassed any expectations I could have for a live show. Besides being total babes, these girls have such an amazing stage presence. Alana and Este blurt out funny lines between songs and damn, do they all know how to deliver musically. I jumped and sang and danced and hair flipped the night away to hits like 'Falling,' 'The Wire,' 'Better Off,' 'Forever,' 'Send Me Down,' 'Go Slow,' 'Don't Save Me' and I think I just listed the majority of their set. Seeeee? They're awesome!! I also got super into their jam session, but not as intensely as Danielle who knows how to rock so hard, but I mean they all know what's up and a jam session? That is so freaking cool, like who even does that? Their newer songs were beautiful and the hardcore drum circle situation for 'Let Me Go' was an amazing way to end the show. 

I am horrible at putting my concert adventures into words because they're very spiritual experiences I love live music ugh okay. After the show I hung out and lurked outside to try and meet Este to thank her for putting me on the guest list. I waited, made some friends because I was alone and finally she came outside. There was a lot of hugging and we bonded over loving other people's babies and being Jewish and I have a huge girl crush on her because she's so super great. (Here's a picture of us, aw). We spoke about how I blog (she followed me on twitter) and she had actually read a post I was featured in on Sad Girls Guide and I still don't know how to react to that. I'm just gushing out all my fangirlness into this piece, sorry guys. That's my Haim story. It was super fun and if they're playing anywhere near you, GO. It will be one of the best concert experiences you'll ever have. Trust me, I go to like, a lot. GIRL POWER! *elizabeth out*

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Also this little bug happens to live in NYC, and I think we all know of a certain sass heading up there soon....be on the lookout for future collabs *wink wink*
I'm sorry but she's my fave...jus sayin 

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