Guest Artist: Sierra Duarte

Good Sunday Pussycats,
I realize that it is in fact Sunday and not Saturday today, but since I forget to post yesterday, a day later is better than never, right? Today I'm featuring an amazing photographer named Sierra Duarte, and I think I'll let her photography, in her series called Lauren, speak for itself.

These photos as well as her other work have this magical captivating sort of mystery about them. She takes real subjects and real life scenerary and creates a whole new atmosphere. That being said, she is a young talent and you should keep your eye out for her work.

I asked her to write a little about herself:
Hello! My name is Sierra Duarte, I am a college student from Portland, Oregon-and no, I’m not a crazy vegan-bicyclist-hipster with a moustache. I am an aspiring photographer in this beautiful city, when I’m not shooting with my Canon DSLR, I shoot with two different kinds of film cameras. I have my trusty 35mm Pentax that never leaves my side along with my Automatic 330 land camera polaroid. My biggest inspirations for my work are Olivia Bolles (better known as Olivia Bee) and Theo Gosselin.
You can check out more of my work here! http://sierraduarte.4ormat.com

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  1. Im a little more then slightly obsessed with these pictures.