Eye of the Tiger.

Dear Pussycats,
Today I want to briefly talk about feline power. Now yall know I refer to you guys as pussycats, and some might not know why well let me explain. One of my all time journalist idols if former editor of Cosmo, Helen Gurley Brown who recently passed away (click here to read my post all about her). Helen Gurley Brown had a spirit, a passion and a livelihood that I admire and look to emulate in my writing, and since she is no longer around to call her readers pussycats, I thought I would. Helen Gurley Brown was strong and fierce and she instilled that passion in her writing which was conveyed by her readers, her pussycats and I see the same thing for us! The actual animals themselves seem docile, but pussycats are the strongest, fiercest animals of all. So in order to show-off my strength and power I thought I'd deck myself out in my fiercest digs!

Outfit Details: Dress: MinkPink (on sale meow) / Jacket: Vintage / Glasses: Amazon / Headphones: Frends / Shoes: Dolce Vita

So Pussycats, take every challenge that you are faced today with the fierceness and tenacity that I know you posses! Be brave, be daring and be BOLD.
Have a great day Pussycats
and please keep it sassy


  1. I really want to purchase this dress, but how orange is it exactly? I like orange, but I don't quite think I could pull off neon. Thanks, I love your blog and all of your clothes!!! (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Its not too orangey, its more red orange than orange orange and thanks so much sweetheart