Hi Ho Pussycats,
How is your Aloha Friday going so far? Mine is great, after yesterdays news, I've been running on this pseudo sugar high of adrenaline and happiness and gah life is just great. Anywho, my dear friend Paisley and I have this game going where we have been trying to rank from 1-10 our favorite things some of which are: whiskers on kittens, strudel,  brown paper packages tied up with string, big booty badass bitches, the usual. But on my scale of 1-10, number 9 happens to be Regal Bakery. 

Regal Bakery is a bakery on the island of Oahu with three separate locations, specializing in the most delicious cake donuts that Homer Simpson could ever dream of! When discussing donuts with myself, you have to realize, I am a donut expert, and in all my research, all over the world, I've realized, Regal is the best. Now this may seem like a sponsored post but its actually not, I just really, really like them. YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE DONUTS *cough*mytumblrdedicatedtodonuts *cough*

Outfit  Details: Top: Brandi Melville / Skirt: Mural / Bag: Aldo / Shoes: Rivithead / Pins: Vintage

And now I'm off to enjoy another beautiful day!
Have a great day pussycats
and please keep it sassy,


  1. you're such a doll! this post is nearly making me drool. xo

  2. EEp! girl you are the cutest thing. I LOVE that shirt. Maybe we can have a donut date sometime <3

  3. I've honestly been thinking about donuts all day and this just made me want some even more ): But I'd feel inadequate without the matching shirt!!

  4. awww, nice outfit, love your shirt!