Good Morning Pussy Cats!

So if you watched this video you can tell, I'm OUTTA HERE! (also super cute freeze frame right? lol)
ALOHA Honolulu, and ALOHA San Francicso, me and Andrew are about to paint the town pink! We are off to the home of The San Francisco Giants, Michelle Tanner, Sourdoughbread and a large homosexual popultation (and the birth place of yours truly)! I know you guys haven't met Andrew yet, but you are in for a treat. Andrew is a new friend, new friends are the best friends because you have so many stories and life moments to tell that all your other friends are sick of listening too and there is 0 judgement or bias because he doesnt know anyone that I'm talking about, so I can hyperbole (its a verb okay?) as much as I want, he don't care! ITS AMAZING. 

Anywho Andrew and I met at Nordstrom, where I work. He'd always come in with his gorgeous lady friends and we quickly bonded over platform shoes and real housewives. We go on long drives, and troll the mall like 14-year-olds and you don't wanna see us around a bowl of Pho, we will go HAM. Andrew and I have both gotten MAJOR island fever, so its time we get off the rock and get to the bay! We saved up our pennies and we are more than ready. 

I made a playlist to set the mood. click here to listen to it
Well, that about settles it, pussycats.
I'm off to my favorite place in the whole wide world, to spend 4 whole days with my best friend ever and finally get some time off before I start next semester aka, full time student/blogger/sale associate nonsense.

Have you ever been to San Francisco before?
Did you go on vacation at all this summer?
Let me know if there is anything that I absolutely have to do while I'm here, and let me know if any of y'all want to meet up!
Have a great day and PLEASE keep it sassy

P.S. Click here to look read my posts last time I was in SF aka a million bajillion years ago. 


  1. yeah! sex drugs and cocoa puffs is hilarious! such a good read :D

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWO4JnP2T40
    watch dis!! it explains how the title of that nirvana song was created