SF Day 5: Sunday Moron*

Top of the Mornin' to Ya Pussycats,
Today was my last day in the city that I love so dear. We thought we'd keep it simple and easy. It was Sunday after all, so you know what that means, BRUNCH. We headed to The Grove to eat a brunch for champions.
I ordered a chai latte and Eggs Florentine "Dave's way" which means it had avocado and bacon as well.
I give it 4 out of 5 stars, only because I prefer my eggs deceitful, I prefer my eggs to be traders, I prefer Eggs BENEDICT (did you get what I did there? har har har) But forreal tho, Florentine just doesn't do it for me like that.

Andrew got Ranchero Steak and eggs, and he said they were dope.

Then we walked around Japan town in hopes to find my dad a present. When you stay at my dads house, there are only two rules: You must leave a thank you present and you must leave the apartment in better condition than you when you arrived.  

We stopped at Nigiya mart, which is insane because I thought that was a local thing and we crashed their match party. If yall didn't know, I'm obsessed with Matcha, it is literally one of my best things ever so, I was very excited to say the least.

After finding his gift (which I cannot show you because my dad reads my blog and I want it to be a surprise), we stumbled upon a store called New People. Which was the most kawaii thing ever. They sold tea, and fancy frilly kawaii trinkets and clothing. I had to walk away with atleast something, so I bought a Liz Lisa headband. 

Outfit Details: Top: American Apparel / Sweater: TopShop / Shorts: TopShop

Then we walked to the top of this park near Fillmore, (the name escapes me currently) and drank smoothies from Evolution, yes, I gave them another chance and I'm glad I did.

This smoothie was muuuuuuuch better
I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it was creamy and dreamy, but I'm still emotionally traumatized by the other smoothie. 

I really could get used to this dreamy life. But I'll be back in no time. 

Then we went on a long walk to Union St and back up and while finding a beautiful place to get lost, we stumbled upon my DREAM house.

It was just the dreamiest dreamy house in all my wildest dreams! There were pink and white roses in the front yard, a darling fence and it was just a beautiful architectural dream!

After wandering through all the bougie houses, we decided we HAD to eat bougie food as well!

We stopped at La Bouglange and I ate a califlower tart and a salmon sandwich with of course perrier!

I picked up some rose meringues for my sisters. 
 And of course some macarons. I know I'm like the best sister ever, It's cool. I know that by now.  

We then headed home to clean clean clean before we left. We watched some good ole reality television and made sure the place looked absolutely pristine. But before we were ready to kiss the city goodbye, I wanted to make sure I said hi to someone awesome. My friend Nicole aka Flesh-Roza on tumblr, messaged me after realizing that not only had I been going to Evolution like once a day, but that I had been visiting her location this entire trip! She asked me to stop by before I left and I was happy that I could at least say hi, too bad we didn't get a chance to hang out, but that will be for next time! I grabbed one more juice before I hit the road and it was absolutely perfect. Despite my upbeat attitude, during this entire trip I had some sort of bug that I brought with me, so the yummy ginger, lemon and berries were good for my throat so YAY.

After a long bumpy taxi ride to the airport we were more than ready to go home. 

Our plane was really full and really gnarly and I kid you not, they offered the film Cast Away to be viewed while in flight... Cast Away? Really United Airlines? Really? Because it's not like we were flying to a tiny island in the middle of the pacific ocean or anything.

I got some work done and wrote a few articles so be prepared to see those in the near future. And I have one more post about San Francisco, including a potential video haul, if you guys wanna see that.
Let me know
Have a great day and please keep it sassy

 P.S. It feels SO good to be home.

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  1. Thanks for taking me with you, I am officially due for that city. Oh yeah, and I found this map:http://www.creativebug.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/craftguidelo.pdf
    So no I super have a reason to go.
    Love you, KK!
    -E Von Balls