SF Day 4: Aka, Sasssquatch Walks and Eats A Lot.

Hello There Pussycats,
What is new? Today was seriously the most uneventful day. Like seriously. The most exciting thing that happened today was all the stuff I ate... Yep...

We started our morning off with smoothies from Evolution. However, unlike my previous experience I was TRAUMATIZED today. I ordered this thing that sounded good in theory. It was like a combination of all good breakfast things: Apple juice, bananas, oats, milk, and coffee, but man. It tasted like the stuff they put in feeding tubes. The consistency was blehhhhh, I felt like I was swallowing burnt tasting sand paste....yuck

Since this post will mostly be about food, I have developed the
Sasssquatch Star Scale of Scrumptiousness
(0 being landfill and 5 being Eve's apple)
SO this smoothie gets half a star, but thats only because I didn't puke

Then we walked down Fillmore all the way to Union st in hopes to find some coffee but failed, so we decided just to hit up the one, the only Inn-N-Out Burger.

You guys. 
Literally I'm such a big burger fan, you know this. And I'm not sure if you realized but every time I'm in California I HAVE to get Inn-N-Out Burger and I HAVE to take a picture. So now Pussycats, lets walk down memory lane shall we? We shall!
2010: The first of my collection, look at how young and naive I look in preparation for the deliciousness ahead of me. Its as if I had no clue about the scrumptiousness that was before me. I chortle at this photo for I knew nothing of the world or Angus beef. I pity this former Caelan.

2011: After a long road trip I finally got my much sought after Inn N Out. It had been a year since I've seen my love and my heart was beating like a lawn mower engine (I couldn't use prettier imagery, I just couldn't). I was more mature, I knew what I was getting in for and I just attacked. 

2013: Alas, my love has come along, the lonely days are over and now my life's a burger (I hate myself as much as you do right now.) This time I'm back, well seasoned and more than prepared, (one might say well-done GAH!) Tasting my delectable love made up for the absent two years between us. I am simply in heaven. 

Now commence FOOD PORN.

I rank this meal 5 out of 5 stars because Inn N Out is as close to perfection as I am, (lol).
Going to Inn N Out is essential to every trip to the best coast, and don't let any naysayers tell you otherwise, it is NOT over rated, it is the farthest thing from over rated. its delightful, it's delicious, it's deperfect.

So a LOOOONG walk home and a few episodes of Honey Boo Boo it was time for us to explore one more delicious thing that we can't get at home. And that my friends, is Chipotle

After much hype from all of our mainland friends we decided to check it out. We had to go to the creepy food court in the Westfield shopping center, wait in a creepy sweaty line and finally got our burritos. Mine was the size of a small child, and tasted pretty damn good. On a scale of Taco Bell dog meat to food at Frida Kahlo's birthday party, I give chipotle a 3.
It wasn't bad necessarily, it was just a lot of starch and personally not worth the hype if you ask me. No offense to die hard Chipotle fans, I just was expecting the best, but fell somewhere in the middle, you feel me?

Onto our outfits for the day:

Outfit Details: Top: Zara / Skirt: Zara / Necklace: Borrowed from Andrew

Outfit Details: Button-down: American Apparel / Jeans: Uniqlo

Sorry guys, our outfits are getting a bit stale. And again I apologize for the shoes, they are the most comfortable thing to wear and they are just perfect and they make me happy... I'm walking a lot okay?

So the night ended on a sour note, and we learned a lot about ourselves and our friendship and I think that this is seriously is the most adulty trip I've ever been on.

But life throws us holes in our stockings, iPhone types and other hiccups so that we can learn and grow as people. And its important to actually put the things we learn to use!

And on that note, I need to eat brunch
I'll talk to you later
Have a great day and PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. Ah I've always wanted to go to In-N-Out, but alas I have not traveled to the west coast recently. You should've gotten a burrito bowl or the tacos at Chipotle! (I personally like those better than the burritos, they're so heavy!)

    Hope your trip has been everything you wanted it to be! Looks like you've had a great time! <3

  2. Chipotle is the one take out place near where I live that I absolutely love. But I've never had In-N-Out Burger! I feel like there's a little slice of heaven out there I haven't been able to experience yet. ;)

    Also, I'm a little late in saying this, but I love your new blog! It looks great and the daily posts are really fun.