SF Day 3: Haighters to the Left

Howdy Pussycats,
Forgive the lateness of this post. Last night me and Andrew had waaaayyy too much fun, and the evening just got away from me. ANYWHO, it is time I catch you guys up! So yesterday was wayyyy too much fun, after bougie Union Square shopping the day before, it was time for the grungy Haight. We got on the bus easily, (thank goodness) and listened to San Cisco all the way there. YES. 

Now Pussycats, it's time for a rant. While San Francisco is abundant with delicious (and expensive) resturants, I swear to goodness, there isn't a damn place that either has Pho or makes good Pho that I've stumbled upon yet. If you don't know Pho is, it's a vietnamese noodle soup thats made of broth and rice noodles and when done properly it is actually the best thing ever. Andrew and I get pho like atleast twice a week back home, and I could name you about a hundred places on the island that make it bomb. So while thinking idealistically about our favorite meal, we stumbled upon a place on haight street that sold pho and we thought "YES." Too bad it was a breakfast place that didn't know a damn thing about noodles. They were yucky and they didnt even give us bean sprouts and all I wished was that I ordered the eggs benedict that the person sitting next to me was eating and I was saaaaaad. San Francisco you should give up on trying.


Okay back to our day. 

Also another mini happy tangent. I forgot my SD card for my camera and after a long treck to a Walgreens, I got, what would've been a $20 SD card, for $8 because I signed up for a Walgreens membership. I get that it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but I was so proud of my savvy shopping skills I made Andrew call me a "double saving diva" all day long, yes I am that annoying. 


First stop: Wasteland. 

The selection was pretty good, but a bit over priced if you ask me, HOWEVER I got a pair of Feragamos for $35, I'll show you guys them in a haul I make of all my amazing purchases, do you guys want to see a haul, let a sister know! Anyway, Andrew got quite a few different items too, it was a very successful trip.

Then I had to stop at the Piedmont boutique, where I met this darling girl named Zoey, shout out if you stumble upon this blog ahahha and she helped me and Andrew pick out the perfect gift for my friend Jhune, shout out if you're reading this too ;)

He made a friend.

After weaning and waning through the sea of homeless people and tourists. I sort of realized, Haight st was a lot more fun when I was younger and rebellious and not concerned about my digital camera or getting kidnapped. I don't mean to sound like a princess, its just that I'm only 5'3, and I get really scared really easily! I realize I may sound like a kid here, but this being my first adult trip, put a lot of different things about my favorite city into perspective, especially when I don't have my dad to protect me. I guess I realized that since I'm too anal to live a bohemian life and I'm not really into weed or drug culture, I felt completely out of place there. Idk, these are just my thoughts...today I swear is the day of tangents hahah forgive me

Onto our outfits!

Outfit Details: Blouse: TopShop / Dress: TopShop / Hat: Vintage / (Honestly, I've been wearing black tights and the same shoes because they are comfortable and perfect and gah I can't even)

Outfit Details: Shirt / American Apparel / Jeans: American Apparel (we really didn't back that many different shoes, forgive us)

Then after a long, very cranky, bus ride home, we were STARVING. I ran to Evolution on Fillmore to get a strawberry, pineappley, berry smoothie and then I skipped to Bun Me just a block down and got Fish and Chips. I was in HEAVEN.

Meanwhile Andrew ran to La Boulange and picked up a bunch of pastries for Lunch. And people ask us why we are best friends! HAH!

Then after a long cat nap, we got up, changed clothes then hit the road again. My very sweet and very savvy regional manager Mallory, invited me to Off the Grid at Fort Mason parking lot and I was super excited. Off the Grid, is this sort of eat-the-street event that just so happened to also be featuring a promotional traveling bus for the Savvy department at Nordstrom. It was bright purple, and was full of all of the AMAZING clothing we sell in our savvy department. CLICK HERE to see all the stuff online. There was the kindest girls working, the cutest clothes, music blasting and even flower crown making truck. I DIE.

Then we got some mint tea and looked out on the bay.

And then Andrew found Alcatraz

He was really enthusiastic.

Onto our outfits! 

Outfit Details: Dress: TopShop / Coat: Armani Exchange

He wore the same outfit but threw on a Unif sweater and his Obey jacket and his backpack is from Japan. 

Also may I just say, Andrew had never seen a Seagul before and was genuinely confused/scared/amused/baffled by their existence all at the same time.

He literally yelled "SEAGUL WHY ARE YOU SO BIG?!"

It was the cutest, funniest thing ever.

Then we walked all the way back to Fillmore while the sun was setting. We laughed and made dumb jokes all the way there. But before we settled in, we stopped for sushi! Now in addition to having difficulties finding Pho, we were seriously asking ourselves, where can a sister find Sushi up in this place!?! So we found a place and crossed our fingers that it would be a better experience then the pho we had earlier that day. And I can say, it sorta was. I mean we were having so much fun we didn't realize how much our bill was, only to be completely surprised by our an $120 check. OH WELL. When in San Francisco, do as the San Franciscans I suppose. 

And on that note, we are off to do as much as we can in the little time we have left
Have a great day and Please keep it sassy

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  1. Ahh looks like such a great day. I love Pho, but when it's bad, it's BAD! And omg eggs benedict sounds amazing. I feel ya there girl!
    I love your coat, you look so fab <3
    and adorable that Andrew had never seen a Seagull!