SF Day 1: And We're Off

Salutations Pussycats,
I just want to update y'all as my trip goes on, so that you can feel like you're here with me through every sassy minute of it. My day started off very early, if not, too early, I couldn't sleep at all the night before my plane ride. I seriously felt like a kid on christmas eve, the excitement, the nervousness, the clammy hands, the sea-monkeys in my tummy! I'd seriously never gone on a grown up trip before! I kid you not, I had never traveled without my parents before and thankfully I had my Andrew or I would've just started crying at the airport uncontrollably and missed my flight all together! Luckily that was not the case and everything went relatively smoothly other than turbulence of course (...see what I did there?)

Outfit Details: Sweater: Topshop / Collared Blouse: American Apparel / Leggings: Edison / Shoes: BP (no longer available in black)

Back to what I was saying. I was dressed comfortably and cozy and after a few different queues, Andrew and I were finally seated. We didn't get a chance to get extra coffee, but thats okay, it allowed me to completely avoid using airplane bathrooms, which is basically the goal of aviation travel. When buying our tickets we arranged to sit together, obviously, and I got the window seat because Andrew has legs for days, which inadvertently gave me the best view! However, the airplane was completely full. Like every single seat was had a butt in it, a stranger butt. And about 50% of the crowd was this ginormous group of chinese tourists. I've never wished more in my life that I could speak Chinese because I was completely enraptured by their conversations even though I couldn't understand it (it seemed really juicy.)
Luckily we got those dope touch-screen TV's thingys. I chose classic girl power films like The First Wives Club while Andrew went for the more rough and tumble films like GI Joe, this is the first thing we've ever not had in common, movie taste...go figure! Anywho after one long nap and several blog articles written, WE HAD ARRIVED. 
We quickly ran to the baggage claim and hopped into our taxi, where we were driven all the way home and FINALLY, FINALLY we were here!!

Please don't stalk me. But I just had to show you where my dad's apartment was. HOW DJ TANNER AM I!?! My dad's business requires him to spend a lot of time in NorCal hence this apartment and its the most perfect apartment for his cosmopolitan daughters who just happen to spend time in the city and need a place to stay!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in San Fran, and since we arrived early, why not make the most of it? We changed, grabbed our bags and shopped around Filmore St.

In the two years since I've been gone, they opened up an Alice and Olivia! I ABSOLUTELY DIE.
So let me get this straight Filmore street, you have an Alice and Olivia, a Marc by Marc Jacobs, a Benefit cosmetics, Molly Stones, La Boulange, Jonathan Adler, and a bunch of other amazing tiny boutiques that I havent even heard of? Do you want me to never leave? I think thats your plan you devilish bastard, keep me there forever while my bank account dwindles!! 

Outfit Details: Striped T-shirt: T by Alexander Wang / Plaid Skirt: TopShop / Tights: Nordstrom / Shoes: Dolce Vita / Sunglasses: Spitfire / Backpack: Homecoming Honolulu

Anywho then we HAD to eat, because Airplane cups of water and chewey bars were not cutting it. We then skipped down Filmore street to this darling little Thai place called Thai Stickand it was absolutely scrumptious.

We ate chicken tofu pad thai and calamari green curry with sticky rice. And I cannot lie, food hasn't tasted this good in a very long time. Plus, I thought it was just me but Andrew totally confirmed my belief that San Francisco breeds* (lol I wrote breads, well hey there is good bread here too okay?) ridiculously ridiculously good looking men. It's good that San Fran is so cold because it was getting hot up in there if you know what I mean ;) ;) (and by "hot" I mean we drooled over boys without a second glance in return) (and by ;) ;) I mean we cry ourselves to sleep every night.)After grabbing a latte we decided to go on a little adventure, so we just walked and walked and ended up in Japan town. It was so cute because it was like a little slice of home and according to Andrew it was the spitting image of his motherland. Andrew was a little camera shy. But he let me harras him anyway, that's what friends are for right? 
Outfit Details: Button Down: H&M Japan / Sweater: Topman / Jeans: Uniqlo / Flatforms: Jeffrey Campbell for Men

We found this nice little spot in a park with help from our girl Siri, where we laughed and planned and started day dreaming about the rest of our trip.

I threw on my American Apparel sweater because it started to get nippy and we laughed all the way home.
But not before we made a minor pit stop, Andrew needed OJ and Pastries and he needed them NOW.

And I needed to lounge around for a bit while eating grapes and watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in my mothers super softy cheeta robe.

After pastries, some orangechello and our girl Boo Boo, we decided to go on one more walk. We needed to stretch out our land legs after being cooped up for so long! We walked all the way to the tippy top of Filmore Street then all the way down to Union St, then we did the Mount Everest esque climb back home...oi vey! We walked and walked and walked and we spent our first afternoon in SF exactly how we wanted. Some might think its a bit weird to go on an entire overseas vacation with someone you've only known for a few months, but we throw that sort of caution to the wind! And besides, we haven't killed each other yet, so we're already off to a good start if you ask me! This is our time to relax and enjoy a beautiful city before real life begins again and by "begins again" I mean get shitty again. Why not enjoy the best of the best before we're submersed back into the depths of hell right?

And on that note, I'm off for another fun filled day of party n bullshit.
How do you like these travels posts?
Where should I travel to next?
Have a great day and please keep it sassy,


  1. I always love your travels posts... And I'd like to visit San Francisco so much!
    You look great (both of you) and I hope that the rest of the trip will be even more fun that this first day seems to have been!!

  2. you look like you're having an amazing time! i love your glasses and your sunnies too and Andrew's flatforms are too amazing


  3. ahh, looks like so much fun already. I wish I could've gone with! <3