San Francisco Haul!

Good Evening Pussycats,
(I seriously have the worst screen shots)
I'm so sorry this was uploaded so late! I hope some of you pussycats are nocturnal because this post is so late and I'm so sorry. It was just a combination of working, my computer taking FOREVER to render video and upload and the N*Sync reunion and I'm just so overwhelmed! So here is my long awaited San Francisco Fall Haul! Its the perfect time to start thinking about my fall wardrobe because, despite my constant summer climate, I'm a wee bit excited for fall and back to school and all that jazz. 
So what other videos do you wanna see?
and what are you looking forward too this upcoming fall?
Have a great evening and please keep it sassy


  1. You know how to do shopping, girl!!

  2. Lol you are too cute. Totes signed up for the Walgreens card, too, to get plastic sheet protectors for .50 a ten pack (whatttt)