SF Day 2: Pussycats, we are not in Kansas Anymore,

G'day Pussycats,
How are you all doing today? You doing good? How's your life? How's your day? We need to talk more you guys! Anywho we are now on day 2 and things are still going GREAT in San Francisco. The sun was shining and I didn't even need to wear a coat, which I must admit I was a little disappointed about, but hey, when life throws you good weather, you drink lemonade right? Today was our first day of trying out public transit and after a few minor hiccups, we figured it out! Andrew, I swear is a public transit wizard...just saying. Today was a day to stimulate the damn economy. Today was the day...to SHOP.

So of course, we headed to Union Square! We looked around and we got SUPER overwhelmed, we needed to process, we needed to plan, and we needed coffee ASAP. 

We stopped at Cafe Madeline for an iced latte, tea and pastries!

We ate a palm leaf elephant ear thing and this strawberry filled piece of heaven called a bamboo
it was heavenly.

Can you say SCRUMPTIOUS!!

So we ate, and we planned and we were ready to SHOP, first stop Nordstrom

While entering the Westfield shopping mall, I was completely overwhelmed, Had I died and gone to Cher Horowitz heaven? The circular shape, the gold decor, I DIE. While I love my location in Ala Moana, it made ours look a bit shabby. Once we got in, we ran straight to the Via C department in hopes that we'd run into a certain former Ala Moana employee/Honorary Hughes girl Nix! We gabbed and gabbed about her new home SF! I'm really bad at communicating with people, so I forgot to tell her that I was coming, but I just had this strange feeling that she was working today and I was right, YAY FOR BEING RIGHT SOMETIMES! Anywho She's such a delight and was like a tiny slice of home while being so very far away! 

While at Nordstrom, I actually ran into two different employees who just transfered to the store, what are the odds! Anywho I went straight up to Topshop and went shopping, I had to see all the stuff that they had, that we didn't! I grabbed a few things and then we were off. We went to Zara and it was super overwhelming, there were so many people but I did manage to find a few things that I fell in love with. Check her out at amalgamode.com she's so brilliant!

Then we went to Urban Outfitters, not before I was stopped by this homeless guy who wanted me to buy his art, and you know what, I was in such a good mood, I did. I bought his art work for $5, WHY NOT!?! It's kinda crazy but I think its beautiful but mostly crazy!

So then at that point, while it doesn't sound like a lot of stuff, going to three different huge shops, being surrounded by like 1478491849184901 more stores, I was getting cranky AND exhausted. It was time for some grub.

SO of course we went to 'wich craft! Gah I seriously go to this place EVERY TIME I'm in the city. They make delux healthy fancy pants sandwiches and they were just the best. And because we are on the same wave length we ordered the exact same sandwich by accident! The roasted turkey avocado sandwich with caramelized onions! 

I also ordered an oatmeal creamwich that I saved for later and am currently enjoying as I type this!

Onto what we are wearing

 Outfit Details: Top: Topshop / Sweater: Comme Des Garcon / Skirt: Topshop / Purse: Kate Spade /  (shoes and tights are the same as yesterday and they will probably be the same throughout the rest of my trip gah sorry)


Outfit Details: Shirt: Obey / Jacket: Obey / Jeans: American Apparel / Creepers: Vintage

Then we went our separate ways, and I took a taxi all the way back home. At that point I was COMPLETELY wiped. I took an hour long nap. Then a shower, then I blow-dried my hair. Then, since I was home alone, I did some boring blog stuff and then I decided to go on a walk.

I stopped at Evolution and picked up a strawberry and mint smoothie and it was delicious.
Then I people-watched while listening to San Cisco's full length album self titled album and I highly HIGHLY recommend it.

As I walked and walked and walked, I got all the way up to the top of this park and I just took in the city.

While I got asked for directions today I realized, I could really get used to living in such a beautiful place. However, I have to remember I am looking at this place through rose colored specs. Part of the reason why I love San Francisco is because I'm always here on vacation. While I'm here there is no work, there is no school, there is nothing but fun fun fun and thats why its so dreamy, not to mention the foggy haze that is physically dreamy. 
While I love spending all this time with Andrew, it was nice for both of me to have some Caelan-time, because Caelan-time is the best and I sometimes just need to clear my head. 
I'm not sure what my future holds, but being away from Hawaii reminds me that there is a whole other world outside of Hawaii that I have yet to explore. It reminds me that I shouldn't get too wrapped up in what I'm doing because there is always more out there and that I should plan a lot more travel in my life because it makes me very happy. 

Let me know where your favorite place is in the entire world?
And on that note have a great day Pussycats, and please keep it sassy,

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