My Summer 2013 Inspiration Lookbook

I know summer is almost over, but I put together this collage of images that inspired me throughout this steadfast lovely summer.

*disclaimer* I don't own any of these photos, nor am I claiming too, I lost my list of the original photographers SO SORRY 

This summer has been more than productive for me. I've worked and I've played and I've grown my hair out...or at least tried too. How's your summer been? We have a few more weeks till school and personally I'm trying to relish every single moment. Let me know if you like posts like this, 
Have a great day and please,
keep it sassy,

P.S. It's my darling sisters Hayley's birthday

She turned 22 today and has been my best friend and roommate since day 1. Look forward to some more sister style posts and what not, it was also my other sister Devons birthday last week. SO MANY BIRTHDAYS, SO MUCH FUN.

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