How I survived High School/ College With Extra Sass

(look how college-y this photo looks!)

Oh the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, beloved old paperbacks and the previously frozen reheated school cafeteria Creole macaroni, IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME. You've got a backpack full of new school supplies and high expectations because this year is gonna be different. You seriously don't know how many times I've gotten all prepared for the first day of school with the highest of expectations only to be let down by the same teachers, the same halls, the same monotonous syllabus's (syllabi?) and even worst, the same peers. Last year I taught you how to get ready for your first day of school, but this year I'm gonna teach you how I survived high school /college with extra sass, here are my top 10 tips!

(And no, this won't be one of those DIY articles that are ridiculously obvious, am I the only one who notices that some blogs make really obvious DIY's, I saw one once for chocolate chip cookies...wait please, teach me how to make them! lol, but alas I digress.)

10. Take A Women's Studies Class
No seriously, I took a class called "Thinking Women," in 9th grade and it completely changed my life. Learning about womankind and race related issues throughout history really opened up my eyes to the actual world that I live in. Its easy to live in this millennial-cyberspace-ignoranceisbliss-hashtag WORLD, but we need to separate ourselves from Gaga and Bieber and learn about our history as a country and as people and who the badasses of the past really were (MLK, Hellen Keller, Freida Kahlo, Ruth Bader Gunsberg etc.) Plus Feminism, GAH, YES, FEMINISM! You know how much of a feminist I am, its because of this class I swear. (Do yall know how we got birth control in this country, google that shit, best story ever I swear.) (also thanks Ms.McEwan if you are reading this)

9. Remember when stressing out, YOU WILL ALWAYS GET YOUR SHIT DONE!
Every midterm, every final project, every presentation, RELAX! When have you ever not gotten your shit done? You will always get it done, whether it takes an extra shot of espresso or the cancellation of your Netflix account, you will get what you need to get done, I guarantee.
8) Try EVERYTHING (except meth….don’t do that)
In high school I took a more of an artistic/theatrical route with my classes and extra curricular activities, because lets face it, I’m dramatic. However I will never forget the semester freshman year where I tried soccer. If y'all haven’t realized, I’m not the most athletic person, but my Cousin is an awesome soccer superstar, so I thought why don’t I try! ANYWAY I learned quickly that it involved sweat, and a lot of running, and took up my afternoons, so that was no bueno, but at least I tried. And hey, in horrendous P.E. class I learned that I wasn’t completely athletically inept, I’m super good at badminton, go figure.

7) Plan for your future, as much as you don’t want too
I’m a natural born planner. I’ve always had some sort of idea about what I wanted to do, whether it was as far fetched as a marine biologist or as almost right as a photo journalist, I had some sort of idea. Now, not everyone is me, and higher education, heck, even high school may not be for everyone. My best friend Andrew took the less conventional route and dropped out of high school, got his GED, then immediately got a full time job and he couldn’t be happier. If thinking about careers scares you, just think small term, think what is gonna be best for you and what will make you most happy. I’m happy I found writing, because it helped me survive high school and made me realize what I want to do.  

6) Avoid Tools and Mean Girls.
This is pretty self-explanatory. That being said, don’t be a tool or a mean girl, you aren’t nice and I hate you.

5) Get a job if can
In high school, I worked every Saturday at the Honolulu Academy Art School, it was one day a week, I cleaned paint pallets and hung out with cool little kids. Not to mention, despite how tiny of a commitment it was, it was something that looked so shiny and pretty on my roughly empy resume. I can’t tell you how many college kids I've met who haven't had jobs, and it was a disservice to them in the long run. Plus who doesn’t like cash, lets be real.

4) Always Have Tampons!
Ladies, this is a must. Just do it. Even if you feel like the contents of your backpack are an endless sea of tampax pearl, just do it, you’ll love yourself later.

3) Be a Vaguely Nice Person, Cause You Don’t Know Whose Gonna Get Hot Later
This was a piece of Andrew advice, and I think it goes a long with saying, "try not to burn bridges," in general. Teachers and peers hardly change, and a burnt bridge freshman year could lead to some seriously difficult situations down the road, especially if it involved future hotties!

2) Don't forget: EVERYONE IS AWKWARD
And everyone gets embaressed. Just brush it off, in due time you will be yesterdays news. I've tripped in front of hundreds, had my skirt tucked under my backpack exposing my butt to the world, called the professor mom, and much much more. WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

1) Forget that stupid “Be Yourself” cliché, I say “Be the person YOU want to be.”
I’m so sick of people telling me to “be myself” especially when I’m not even sure who I am, still, after 20 years on this earth, I'm hearing the same repetitive message all while still trying to figure out who I am, and I don’t need your damn pamphlets and self-help peptalks to mock me.

Outfit Details: Dress: TopShop / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Backpack: Urban Outfitters

(Also I'm live tweeting today #FirstDayLiveTweets)
That’s about it folks.
Are you still in high school?
If not, what advice to you have for high schoolers now?
Have a great day
And Please keep it sassy,

OH and P.S. Don’t be that tool who never has a pencil. Everyone hates that person.

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