Guest Writer: Jess Buckley

Summer in the City by Amanda Adam of thatartjustbarfed / Amanda Adam on Flickr

A Guide to Summer Love
by Jess Buckley

Okay, y'all.

It's summertime. That pool and suntan lotion and those sno cones are all calling your name. You've got your picnic blanket and your beach umbrella, but there's one thing you feel you might be missing.

That's right, a boo thang. Someone to be there and catch some rays with you. Someone to roll the windows down and blast that guilty pleasure pop-punk song from 2005 with. Someone that will go on a midnight hike with you and won't be embarrassed if you want to hold their hand.

You guessed it, summer love.

Lately I feel like that's getting harder to find.

People are blurring the lines of what they want from each other and a lot of miscommunication happens when it comes to relationships. As my ex so eloquently put it as we were breaking up "people just don't date anymore."

I blame this on our fast-paced, in-your-face, instant gratification obsessed society. The porn industry, McDonalds, and Pop Culture. We want what we want, we want it now, and we want it in every color.

Everything has an acronym now.

FWBs = Friends with Benefits
ASL = Age/Sex/Location
DTF = Down to Frolic
NDARNETOGBINTYT=  Not Dating Anyone Right Now Except This One Girl But I'm Not Telling You That

and all of this is making me SMH.

Being new to the college scene, and living in a new city, I did take a shot at the online dating world. I admit, it was pretty cool. The thrill of lurking through Facebook mixed with the options of online shopping, and it turns out that there are some pretty great people in my area via the internet. 

But, as a society we're starting to become "casual" about it all, and what you thought might be a great first date turns into an unexpected groping session on a stranger's couch. 

Or, an awkward date turns into 15 phone calls and a strange car parked in your driveway... when you didn't even give them your address.
All of this has got me realizing. Why go through all of that? Why worry about someone keeping me warm when it's already REALLY HOT outside? Why do I need someone tying me down when there are so many cuties hitting the beach?

Photo above: Untitled by Amanda Adam
Do I need to be holed up inside watching some
doof play video games when I could be out there dating, get this, MYSELF?

That's right ladies (and gents) we all need to learn to date ourselves more. It's up to you to decide how to do that. Take yourself out for frozen yogurt, sit outside and watch your favorite show on Netflix, dance around your room to Miley Cyrus at 2AM, lounge around vintage style in a satin house robe, or, do like I do, and do 'em all!
Basically, take a little time to make yourself happy, before you worry about doing it for someone else. Date if you want, but remember who the most important Boo Thang you have..YOU!

About the Guest:
Jess Buckley of jessbuckley.com fame, is a darling 19-year-old blogger with an affinity for Lush products and selfies. She and I became friends through the interwebs a few months ago, over what began as a business proposistion but quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship. We talk about boiz, and makeup and act like teen girls (which is easy considering we ARE teen girls...well sorta). She paints, she writes and she polyvores excellently. She's a leo, an only child, related to Edgar Allen Poe, and is allergic to Orange juice. Her name on the intertubes is olivineeyes so go check her out on twitter/instagram/tumblr or just her blawg, you won't regret it ;)

Are you single this summer? If so how did you enjoy it?
I hope you liked my first ever Guest Post, expect a posts like these EVERY Saturday.
Have a great day, and please keep it sassy,


  1. this was SOOOO cute. and awesome... a good post to promote some self love once in a while.

  2. Oh the basis I'm unwilling to compromise and date someone who does not want to actually go on dates I will be spending my summer as advises, going on self dates :P

    I like this feature :D