Colored Hair, RIP

Dear Pussycats,
As we all know, I dyed my hair for two years straight, click here, and while my hair has virtually gone back to normal with only a tiny pop of color in the form of my ombre, I thought I'd talk a bit about my experience with hair color, and why I'm phasing out out of this trend.

As we all know, with fashion comes trends, and while one might think the word "trend" applies to slap bracelets and silly bandz, the concept of "trends" applies to each facet of the fashion industry. "Trend" of course means a current style or a short lived style, for example, the trendy middle parts of the 1960's, have now reoccured as a trend in this modern era with thanks to a little Miss Kardasian. Other notable hair trends are the "Alexa Chung bob," the ombre and of course the bright colorful hair trend.

With two years of hair dying under my belt, its safe to say I know a thing or too.
I made this video due to requests about a year ago.

I don't exactly remember what thought came through my mind when I decided to have pink hair. At first I wanted a light pink for my trip to England (summer 12'), because I wanted to look back and remember what a punk I was (lol). However the color was a lot more peach than I entended, lets be honest it was actually more of a weird Salmon color, but I loved it, it was my kind of weird! The peach lead to a lightish pink, was what lead to full fledged magenta. 

 I loved the freedom of expression that pink hair provided me. I loved the political-feminist statement I made while having said hair, I was the human personification of all things girly stating the fact that "feme is not antifeminist.' I loved matching my pink hair to my pink dresses and I loved seeing all the pink hair on my floor, not to mention the hair caught in my silver hair brush. But I think the best part about having pink hair was the community you were immediately adopted into, of all the other bad ass people with bold hair just like you. I will never regret my time with bright pink hair, however it is important in life that we do not stay stagnant. 

I got really tired of the countless questions by strangers feeling like they were entitled to not only talk to me, but occasionally touch me. I got tired of the stupid jokes people would make and the stigma I got as this almost fictional character status, and I was tired of getting defined by my hair color. While I enjoyed being easy to find in a crowd, it was annoying not being able to not stand out sometimes, like the grocery store for instance. And with incessant compliments I got, thanking people, frankly got annoying, I don't mean to sound full of myself but I didn't dye my hair for you to enjoy, I did it for me. Not to mention my hair was getting more and more damaged, I was turning 20 and I felt I needed to grow up a bit too. Having colored hair may prohibit the jobs you could get and could potentially make you come across as unprofessional. We all know that that is a load of bull shit but its sometimes true, its the same with tattoos and piercings. When our generation is older, I know it will be different, but while we are trying to break into the work force, depending on what you want to do, your hair color might effect that. Again, if you are the awesome rrriot grrrl that you are, it shouldn't matter to you, but if it does, its something to keep in mind. Not to mention, I used my hair as this pseudo security blanket, I wanted people to see me as "special" and "different" and I honestly believed for a while that if I didn't have pink hair people would think I was normal, (which absolutely is NOT the case, its whats on the inside that counts pussycats!)
Once I decided it was time a change I began thinking about what was next, I kept trying to find the next color, going through swatch after swatch while my hair was getting in worse and worse condition.
Then I decided it was time I began to phase out of this colorful trend but I need a buffer period. I decided to keep the ends pink for summer because frankly I'm not ready to move on just yet but now I am back to basics. Of course I miss my pink hair, but not being bombarded by comments from people feeling entitled to talk to me is such a nice feeling, I feel safer walking around late at night knowing that I'm not asking for unwanted attention and now I'm THE BEST at hide and seek!

I'm sure you've seen many darling people in your general vicinity that have had brightly colored hair and you may have noticed they might've recently dyed it back, this may be for the same reasons as I. However don't go up to them and say "oooh I miss your old hair," or "when are you going to dye it something else crazy?" Their hair is not up to you, it grows out of their head, it is a part of their body and its non of your damn business. So whether they just dyed it a color or just dyed it back, keep your comments to yourself PLEASE.

What was the craziest color hair you've had or wanted?
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,