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Hey friends! I’m Sophie, your [a]typical sixteen year old high school girl! Today I wanna talk about back-to-school motivation. Now, I for one have an endless list of things that can motivate me day in and day out as the new school year starts. But also, of course there are those days when you just wanna be slouchy potato and ignore everyone, and not do homework or clean your room or anything. I know, first hand, how easy it is to become said potato, but I’m gonna teach you how to avoid it!!

Okay, for obvious reasons NO ONE LIKES HOMEWORK. I dread it, and I, just like everyone else, have a severe issue with procrastination! So how on earth can you be motivated to do it? Well, you gotta look at the big picture! When you’re assigned your work WRITE IT DOWN! And also you should just do it when you get home. I know that sounds absurd because why wouldn’t you just rather rush and finish it on the bus to school? Well sure, that’s fine if you like your work to look like this:
See, if we finish it early we get to spend the rest of the night watching TV or YouTube, or doing arts n crafts (I have a DIY obsession), or SLEEPING. I know it’s so easy to sleep in class or zone off, but one very memorable tip my dad told me was “If you’re gonna be in school for 5-7 hours, why waste it? You have to be there, so why not just use that time for its purpose.”

Who doesn’t love looking their best at school? I love getting cute for school because then while I’m there I have more confidence which promotes positivity, which makes for a happier day! I love to spend time in the beginning of the week mapping out outfits. I mix and match clothes and then I have a bunch of ideas to pick from throughout the week. Also, set your outfits out early so that you can spend the following morning sleeping in a bit or doing your makeup and of course eating breakfast!
I cheat the whole concept of “trying to look your best everyday”. I have giant sweaters/sweatshirts/big jackets that I can throw over a simple dress or jeans and a tank top which make for a lazy but socially acceptable outfit for those days when you know you just can’t walk the walk like a beauty queen. Or you could rock this daily like Lindsay Weir:
But if you want to avoid that, find a REASON to motivate your cute-ness! Crushes, believe it or not are great for this purpose. You can get all dolled up in the morning knowing when you walk past them in the hallway they’ll be paralyzed with utter disbelief as to how you look so dang sexy every day. I find Cher from Clueless to be a perfect inspiration for this
Now, in the world of crushes everything pretty much falls under the emotion of “???”. How do they feel about you? Do they stay up all night sleeplessly thinking about you? Do they stare at you in class as much as you do to them? Would he/she ever date  me? If they are being extremely unclear about their emotions don’t be afraid to be outgoing! This doesn’t mean to go like all their profile picture back to 2009. But don’t be afraid to say hi to them in the halls or spark conversations. It might seem nerve recking but being outgoing is a great attribute that most people think is very attractive! If they’re still troubling you find outlets (which we now have time for since HW is done)! I love listening to music that’s relatable yet distracting. It’s easy to connect lyrics from just about anything to how you feel. I for one have been listening to The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and The Kooks on repeat. If you aren’t familiar with them here are a some of my favorites:

Sway by The Kooks 

Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys

You Only Live Once by The Strokes

If music isn’t relatable enough or helping to the full extent, watch a favorite TV show, a classic movie, or something you’ve been dying to see. Some great series you can find online are Freaks and Geeks, Orange is The New Black, Breaking Bad, Sex and the City, or Lost (a personal favorite). Some movies are Wet Hot American Summer Camp, Clueless (favorite), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (another favorite), Moonrise Kingdom, Lizzie McGuire Movie, Super Troopers or anything on TV! A majority of the shows I mentioned are on Netflix so you can find them there, and if you don’t have an account usually a nice friend will share their info with you!
I hope this helps you guys keep your school work manageable, inspires you to look your most adorable on a daily bases, and ease your mind on your crush. Good luck!!!

about the author:
Sophie has been a long time internet cutie pattotie babe friend of mine. If you guys are LONG time Sasssquatch readers you may recognize her from here and here. I've know this little cupcake since I believe she was 13, which is insane because she's totally grown up now! Sophie is not only a talented writer but also a very talented artist as well (keep posted for future collab). Now I said it once and I'll say it again, Sophie is the long lost fanning sister, and I'm sure we will here even more from her in the future.
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