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Back to school no more…..well at least until grad school!
Hello Friends,

As you may or may not know, I am Sasssquatch's sister Kelsey. Out of all allusive Hughes sisters, I think its safe to say I am the one who loved being in school the most. With Caelan’s back to school series happening this week, she asked me to write a post about not going back to school. I graduated last spring and it is my first time not going back to school this the fall. This is me and KK at a Warriors game, GO BOWS!

I will always remember my first day of college at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I was fresh out of Girls school and very naïve to the real world. I was so scared! High School had instilled a fear in me that college life was going to be very difficult, full of failing classes, STD’s, and kegger-ragers. I didn’t know anything, heck I didn’t even know any guys. I also was very used to High School life. Our High School experience was filled with intensive classes that you were forced to take and ridiculous girls school antics (I’m sure Caelan had written about these a few times on here).
I was certain I would hate college.

I soon realized that college was so different and my life totally changed! I fell in love with college but most importantly, with learning. I really became the person I am today during the last 5 years (yes, I took 5 years to graduate). I quickly fell in love with college, thanks to the two spunky girls that lived in the dorm next door to me. I’m still friends with today. I am actually also still friends with the weirdo on the futon.

I loved the freedom of doing things on your own time and I loved taking classes I was interested in! Throughout my time at UH I took classes like Performance Art, Freaks and Monsters, Greek and Roman Mythology, Sci-Fi Literature, Japanese film, and a weird PE class, just to name a few. Here is me doing cool performance arts.

As far as scholastics go, I really liked that basic classes at UH were easier than my High School classes. It was so nice not to freak out about stupid classes like Bio 101, I had already learned all that stuff in high school.

On the other hand, the classes that I wanted to be challenged in, were challenging. All my art classes that I took, I really worked hard and liked I really felt like a technically trained artist. I fell in LOVE with the Art Dept at UH, the teachers I had were amazing and I grew so much as an artist. I really loved the late night painting and printing in the art dept. I loved going to art lectures and the crazy things that would happen all the time in the Art dept. The Art Dept all around was the best, I highly recommend hanging out there even if you aren’t an art major. Here is me with a weird metal baby I found on the 3rd floor of the Art Dept.
There were things I didn’t like, like registering for classes (I would always cry at least once every time) ridiculous group projects and the uncertainty of what I am doing with my life and what I am going to do after I graduate. I also did the quintessential collage faux pa and failed a class that I had to take again during the summer. And I also changed my major from drawing to printmaking. But all in all, I really loved my college experience. I got that first kiss and I totally met my most amazing sweet wonderful boy friend that I love so much. I also dyed my hair purple, and did a BFA project I am so proud of. I drank the humungous beers at the bar on campus at the beginning and end of each semester (after I turned 21 of course). Here is my and my dream boy being silly

Now I graduated and got a grown up job working full time, and I am happy to be out of school. But I am always going to miss this special time in my life. The first day of school came and went and I’m not at UH anymore, but I know that I am going to keep my moto of "forever learning" and I’m never gonna stop! I know in my heart that I will probably go on to get another Degree  (maybe in art, maybe in art history, maybe in education, maybe in business, who knows!) But for now, I am going to enjoy the next phase of my life and what the future brings. If its anything like college, its gonna be awesome!!!!!!!

Kelsey Hughes!

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She's my sister and she's kewl.
She makes the arts, and is all about that education and stuff and I love her dearly for writing for my blog! Thanks sister! click HERE to follow her on tumblr!

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