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So I thought we'd kick off this school semester right, with guest writers EVERY DAY this week. Because what's more fun than back to school angst right? Its a little pseudo party because in reality school is the antithesis of a party so we need to make it fun, right?

Pussycats, Meet Jacqueline!

It’s that time of year again, kiddos: back to school time! Though I only left high school a year ago, I am already beginning my last year of school. I attend a small, two year acting conservatory in manhattan and it has been an insane experience.

Acting school was a big shock at first. In high school, we didn’t have any theatre and my drama class was mostly unenthusiastic kids, so I never got the experience of being around people with the same passion as me. Now I go to school with dream-chasers that have nothing holding them back and it is an honor to be around such dedicated people. Going to this school has involved an amazing group of around 200 kids and the most rigorous mental, physical, and emotional curriculum I could imagine. Not to mention in addition to having plenty of notebooks and writing utensils for class, you need movement clothes and tissues because you’ll probably cry at least once a day.

In only 9 months I will be out in the “real world” and will have to put everything that I have learned to use. I have never been more scared and excited in my life! Over the past year, I have learned more about myself than I ever knew there was to know. So, readers, here are three important things I have learned that I believe are applicable to whatever you may be pursuing,especially in the first week.

1) Be prepared to be thrown into the deep end: don’t think that just because it’s your first class on the first day, your teacher won’t give you a cold reading or a test, because (s) he probably will. Eep! There is no time to second guess anything, you just have to jump in and embrace it, expect it. In every aspect of life you just have to (for lack of a better cliché) throw caution to the wind and take everything in stride.

2) Confidence is key: walking into the school with confidence is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t think you have the potential/talent then you will become a floppy, sad little pup. Don’t pay any attention to the students who give you grief or the teachers who sigh when you try hard and don’t quite get it, because as long as you are trying, you’re doing yourself justice. No matter how nervous you are, you have to tell yourself that you are confident and capable, because you are!

3) Work ethic and attitude are everything: In high school, I never considered myself super smart but I have a good memory and an ability to know what’s going to be on tests. So when I got to my conservatory, I had to change my approach to schoolwork and stop making excuses because it is more intense and hands-on and very, very time consuming. It’s not homework, it’s practice for the rest of your life. You have to hold yourself responsible for everything you do and besides, the less you procrastinate the more time you have for exploring the city you’re in or just laying around in bed. 

I hope that these things can help you or just give you something to think about! I wish you all the best of luck as you start school, and if you’re not starting school I wish you best of luck in all of your endeavors!

Have a wonderful year!


P.S. I’m super excited for my killer notebooks and backpack this


Notebooks: (clockwise) from a thrift store, Barnes and Noble, a closed occult bookshop and


Backpack: Target

about the guest:
Photo by Jhune Li
Jacqui is a rad little actress with hair as fluffy as cotton candy and one liners as quick as a jack rabbit! Currently residing in New York City with her corgi named pickles, Jacqui has been a friend of mine since we were in high school and she's one of those people who I can say "I knew when." With one of the kindest hearts and love for internet animals and old records, Jacqui quickly became one of my favorite people ever. And while she is a million moons away, Jhune and I talk about her as frequently as we talk about donuts (which is obviously a LOT)
So let me know what you thought of Jacqui's post, I personally thought it was brilliant!
Also if you want more Jacqui you can click her links and fall even more inlove

Have a great day
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