BTS Guest Writer: Elizabeth

New Kids on the Block
By Elizabeth Rauner

School sucks. I would know, I've been to a lot of them. But in our young years we're told that being educated is necessary to be happy and content in life and have pretty shoes. Even though we all know it basically sucks, let's try and not think about that. Going back to school is a lot of "OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH" or "ugh I am blowing you all up in my mind" and for some "wow I literally do not know anyone." I'm here to talk about the last one - not knowing anyone. Whether you're new to a school or just a freshman, being a new kid isn't necessarily easy in September. I switched high schools after my freshman year (yes, on purpose) and am currently starting my sophomore year of college at a new school as well. Basically moving schools is my hobby. I love education. (Not actually sarcasm, I'm in education school shutup.) Regardless, I am here as your new-to-school-back-to-school spirit guide. Because I know everything and am overly qualified to give advice to everyone.  

Being a transfer student in high school and in college are very different. But I also went to a high school with 70 kids in my grade. And I just transferred into a university with over 700 transfer students this year. Sooooo. Anyways, the basics of being a new kid are pretty simple. It definitely is nerve-wracking and a very anxious place to be in, but people do it and everyone manages to figure it out in the end. In high school I found that it was really useful to hang out with a bunch of different people before finding who my friends were. I'm not the type of girl who is a member of a clique, so I made the effort to spend time with/follow around people who were outgoing enough to be super nice to me and [based on first impressions] people I thought I would maybe be friends with. There were a few shitty parts as a new girl - like one member of a clique where I had gotten friendly with the majority of the girls who told people she hated me because she 'needed someone to hate.' Or the self proclaimed 'most popular girl' of the grade disliking me based on the school I attended the year before and spreading rumors that I was going to 'take over' which to me is just hilarious. Like, what does that even mean? (We became faux buddies 3 months into that school year do not fret.) Being new gives you an advantage - no one knows anything about you and you can pick and choose what you share. So be wise and make good decisions! Don't be too shy - and if you are generally quiet - this is the perfect chance to try and be more outgoing. As Miley has said, only god can judge us, and high school kids are not god!! Try not to embarrass yourself too much at first though because I did that and it's not the best situation I've been in. (Fell down the stairs in the lobby in front of like 50 kids and my principal on the first day.) Being new is only magical for about 2-3 months and by the end of the year no one even remembers that you weren't there freshman year. Get involved and smile and enjoy the worst years of your life. I hated high school so if you're a devil worshipper and actually like it, to each his own. 

College is different. Being a freshman means the school basically plans events where you meet friends. And everyone is a freshman and everyone is new - never forget that you're not alone. I think being a freshman in college is also a perfect opportunity to leave whatever you want in the past and give yourself a fresh start. You're obviously there to have a great time and not because higher education means anything. I definitely didn't stay in my dorm on Friday nights to study nooooo that wasn't me (it was). Join a club, make mistakes and show up to class. I did that last year, but now I'm currently sitting in my pretty new dorm room in Lower Manhattan alone writing this because I really have no idea what I'm doing as a transfer student. My roommate (who I don't know) hasn't moved in yet and I basically know 3 people at this school. And I've been forcing them to hang out with me every day so far. Being a transfer student is weird - this school is huge and there's not much programming so you kind of have to make do and try your best to meet people in class. So I basically don't know what to tell all my transfer soul sisters because I'm figuring it out! Back to school is about figuring it all out. So I'm doing that. While drinking a lot of coffee. 

A lot of people make it through higher education. So keep yo chin up and if you need alone time, just take it. And if you want to vent about basically nothing, but probably something that means a lot to you, drop it here and I'll either tell you that you're nuts or sympathize. IT'S JUST SCHOOL. Take a deep breath, put on your knee socks and go make it your bitch. 

About the guest:
Elizabeth is a college student/lioness whose hair has its own personality! A writer, a tumblr queen and a professional mix tape DJ, Elizabeth is on the top of my list of internet babes that I NEED to meet. We share a mutual spirit animal in the form of Alexis Neiers and both enjoy talking about school and hair... a lot, and I mean, I think she loves Seth Cohen as much as I do, (if that's even possible!) She's very kind and very silly and girl could produce ebooks she is such a talented writer! 

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