Amazing Albums from Start to Finish: Music for Men

I've decided to create a new segment for my blog where I talk about musical albums that are just "mmmmmhmmmmm" worthy. When it comes to personal preference there are things that we like, there are things that we love, and there are things that we are fucking obsessed with.
And this album is one of those things for me.

Now yall know I'm not super hip when it comes to music, I mostly listen to 1D and music I discovered in 2004 on Music Myspace, because I havent got time to search for new bands anymore. But the album "Music for Men" by the band Gossip has been my latest obsession.

A few years ago I heard the song "Four Letter Word" while visiting my sister at work, she pointed the song out to me and explained its genius, "Did you hear that Caelan, the song is called 'Four Letter Word' and she sings using four letter words!"
And it looks like its gonna rain again
Ohh another four letter word
Never gonna be the same again
Oooh another four letter word
That is looks like its gonna rain again
Ohh another four letter word
Never gonna fall in love again
Ohh another four letter word.
And it looks like its gonna rain again
Ohhh another four letter word
I never wanna see your face again
Ohh another four letter word

I thought that was so incredibly witty and well written, not to mention Beth Ditto has such a sexy, sultry voice on this track, I was sold and its been one of my jams for quite some time now. Then just the other day, when I was working on an art project outside and I needed a soundtrack so I started with this song on Spotify, then it turned to "Heavy Cross"


When reading the lyrics one would assume it was about a sex worker, but according to Beth Ditto's interview with NME the song is inspired by her friends, "I know so many amazing people who devote their lives to undoing things, and I feel that's the essence of punk now because punk's already been done, it's old. It's about recreation and my friends, who I feel like are the ultimate creative re-creators"

but I'm sorry, when you listen to this jam, I seriously doubt you are looking for the subtle nuances and underlying messages of recreation. You are completely enamored by the force that is Beth Ditto and boy can she SING.  Her vocals are so powers and it just makes me want to head bang to no wits end.

So while I was listening to these songs repeatedly on youtube, I realized, these two AMAZING songs are on the same album. While scratching my head, I began to speculate that if these two amazing songs came from one album, maybe the whole album is amazing too

And boy was I right.

This album IS girl power.

Raw, funky powerful guitar rifs, fat bass lines, loud vocals and a no holds bar when it comes to lyrical content, this album is the musical personification of a 90's rriot girl zine + a discotheque. I feel like this album is Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" for this generation. Sometimes in her vocals I hear Aretha Franklin, other times I hear a bit of Jane Wiedlin from the Go Go's, either way what I hear is strong and sexy and powerful and Oh SO good. 

Seldom do we hear an album that is mmmmhmmm good from start to finish.
But not only is this album mmmmhmmm good, but its FUCKING INCREDIBLE, it makes me want to break things, put on red lipstick and flaunt around town like the badass bitch that I am.
I could go on and on and go through each individual song but why don't you hear the band members talk about it

If you have a moment and you want your life to change
I SERIOUSLY recommend this entire album. I seriously love EVERY SINGLE SONG. Its ridiculous.

What do you think of the album?
What is your favorite Gossip song?
Let me know down below


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