2006, I Miss You

Oh nostalgia, you are quite the fickle friend. 
As a natural born reminiscer, I'm constantly going through old photos, reliving memories and looking back at them before they've even properly slipped through my fingers.  I find myself longing for events, historial decades and simple moments that I didn't even live through, I find myself capable of ruining a good time in the present, for fear of future nostalgia and I find myself missing times in my life that I can still remember as being vaguely shitty. 

And as of lately, there is nothing I miss more than 2006.
oh 2006, you seem so vague, so random, so irrelevant. 
But 2006 was a very special year that incapsulated a spirit that I miss, a spirt that I can't quite put my finger on.

2006 was the year of Paul Frank, the year that Sophia Coppola's Marie Antionette was released, the year of Paris Hilton, Fall out Boy, unironic Ed Hardy t-shirts, Frappucino's, and Chingy. The year of monogramed purses, the circulation of Mean Girl's quotes, trucker hats, Juicy couture, Best Week Ever, Keds, Interpol and even Elle Girl magazine. The year that not only Suri Cruise was born, but also Twitter.com and it was the year Paul McCartney actually turned 64. 

When Jesse McCartney told me I had a beautiful soul, we all knew every word to "Fergalicious" (and still do) and prank shows like The Brendan Leonard Show or Jackass lead to horrible amateur recreations that later ended up on Scared. When you were left utterly perplexed after every episode of The Andy Milonakis Show,viral videos were born, and all you wished for was your very own hot-nerd-Seth Cohen-esq boyfriend. When Facebook was actually just for college kids, and Music Myspace was the best thing ever, discovering indie artists was like collecting pokemon!

2006 was the year of flip phones, polo shirts and Weezer.

2006 was also the year that I left 7th grade and entered 8th. It was the year that my eldest sister graduated from high school and moved out. It was the first year in my life that things really began to feel different. I was developing my own personal style, it was something else, but it was mine, and we simply can't forget my short lived modeling carrer. While I had no clue what a blogger was, I started recreating Mischa Barton's Ked's ads which was my first glimpse into my later blogging carer. 2006 was the year I got my first Betsey Johnson dress, the year I passed Physical Science and the year I watched Empire Records on repeat, every single day after school. When I would sit on my sisters Delias comforter and stare at the framed picture of MTV VJ Gideon Yago (right) on her wall, just wishing I could be as cool as my sisters. 

Of course 2006 had its faults, George W. Bush was president, public favor was not for gay marriage and we began to slip slowly into the economic recession we now call our reality. But the beauty of 2006 is that I look at it with a mixture of rose colored glasses and early adolescent selfishness that lead me to not think the world was as bad as it actually was. I was at the brink of my teen years and I so anxiously awaited my future. 

And while I look back, I miss Justin Timberlake's Future Sex Love Sounds, Tina Fey on weekend update, American Idols actually being relevant, The World Series of Pop Culture and so much more, I am happy to not be wearing ripped denim skirts and tweed newsboy caps.

And I think 2006 Caelan would be pretty proud of 2013 Caelan, other than her music taste which has significantly deteriorated with the demise of Myspace.

What was your favorite part of 2006?
What year do you look back to most fondly?


PS. I see already major buggy issues with my site, I'll be fixing that ASAP, thank for your patience. 


  1. Considering I love Lost in Translation I can't believe I still haven't seen Marie Antionette! I totally must correct this.

  2. My 2006 has been a pretty cool year too. I started high school (and I left middle school, the worst period of my life) and knew people that I still call friends. I made my first trip outside Italy, a tour of continental Greece I dreamt about for years since I'm passionate about greek mythology, with my father. I bought my scooter Bee and I started to play the bass. But I have to say that I look back mostly at my childhood instead of my years as a teenager.