TopShop: The Creation and My Personal Experience

The Creation and My Personal Experience

Topshop is an across the pond multinational fashion retailor, that specializes in creating the perfect look for the poshest london gal. They sell clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories, but what they really sell is this beautiful idea, when you enter Topshop, you enter london even if you are in one of the other 36 countries which have Topshop, you leave Topshop feeling like friggin spice girl. With over 440 shops and online operations including the Nordstrom website, its only becoming easier and easier to shop this London look. 

Founded in 1964 as Peter Robinson's Top Shop, this youth fashion brand was a tiny branch of the Peter Robinson, now-defunct British department store chain. The first stand alone store opened up in 1974. Topman was created in 1970 as the male counterpart spin off and you best believe all men who shop Topman look sharp as all be. 
2010- Topshop opened up in New Zealand
2011- Topshop opened up in Australia 
2012- Topshop opened up in South Africa
and they literally have stores all over the world including kuwait #random

There are six flagships: Oxford Circus London, Broadway New York, Liverpool One Liverpool, Briggate Leeds, Chicago and now The Grove Los Angeles. 

TopShop not only carries amazing RTW pieces at great prices but also has a their Topshop Unique line shown at Fashion Week. Topshop is expanding faster than my waistline while eating fish n chips at a london pub!

Topshop is visionary, Topshop is fresh and Topshop is my favorite clothing brand. 

Outfit Details:
Top: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Hat: Romwe
Shoes: Vans

Now my personal experience.

I heard of Topshop in Highschool after being obsessed with Hannah Murrays character Cassie from Skins and her entire wardrobe. I found the website and fell in love. I bought this super cute blue velvet purse and used it all the time carrying my high school belongings on all of my wild adventures. Then christmas rolled around and for two years I would just order a fat Topshop order and that was my gift, as that. So by the time I found out I was going to England, to say I was excited to visit a real TopShop store was an understatement.
My love affair with Topshop was a torrid occasion to say the least, it was hot, heavy and expensive. I seriously spent all of my money at Topshop within the first day I was there.
I visited every single Topshop store I saw while I was in the UK. But of course, the Oxford Circus location was by far the best. 
When I came home I was depressed and broke and my future wasn't looking too bright, Betsey was closing and I needed to find a new job ASAP. Then all of a sudden my darling friend Blair recommended me to her darling friend Michelle who was managing the new department opening up in Nordstrom that just so happened to be TOPSHOP.

I went to my interview wearing my spiked headband and mustard yellow dress and tried my best to incorporate everything I learned about the feeling that Topshop provides their customer with.
I GOT HIRED and its safe to say my wardrobe and life have been positively impacted greatly by this job. While I size and space racks in my department, I daydream of going back to London, spending all my money and falling in love all over again.

When we get new shipment my heart literally skips a beat.

When I see celebrities wearing Topshop I get SO excited. 

This brand is my life, my love and my lady. While this sounds a bit cliche and stupid, I'm a dreamer, and I dream of living the Topshop life. Every time I buy something or sell something, I've giving and receiving part of the overall Topshop experience and that makes my day. 
I'm such an anglophile and a Topshop addict that this is by far the most perfect job I could ever have, all I need next is to move to London and continue working there for the rest of my life!

What was your first TopShop item?
What was your experience like shopping there?

Have a great day pussycats
and please keep it Posh

P.S. 4 days till the event

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