The ABC's of Bad Ass B'z: E

The ABC's of Bad Ass B'z:
E is for Eleanor Roosevelt

As the longest serving first lady, lasting 4 full terms in office, Eleanor Roosevelt was nicknamed "First Lady of the World" by Harry S Truman and with good reason.

While life wasnt always easy for Eleanor Roosevelt, she stayed strong and courageous despite a cruel mother, a cheating husband, the second world war, and many MANY other speed bumps along the way. She encouraged FDR's work as president as an excellent first lady but also sought to fulfill her own life and make her own damn rules.

She was the first first lady who frankly, gave a damn; she held press conferences, she publicly disagreed with her husband, she wrote a syndicated newspaper column and would speak at national conventions. She really cared about women and their role in the workforce and the civil rights of African Americans and Japanese Americans and the rights of WW2 refugees.

After FDR passed away she continued being a total badass, persuading the US to join the UN and becoming a delegate, servivng on the UN Commission on Human Rights and just being an overall revolutionary woman!

While doing many unlady like things, she paved the way for all outspoken awesome women after her. She cared so much about so many different types of people, and she really used her prominence and privilege to benefit so many different types of people. For example she invited hundreds of African Americans into the white house and made sure that Marian Anderson could sing.

To put it bluntly.
Eleanor Roosevelt is the world's greatest homie.

"A woman is like a tea bag- you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

and if you wondered what she sounds like, voila!

Eleanor Roosevelt has been a personal hero for me since I was a young girl. Its rare you hear of people who are so unapologetically kind hearted yet completely outspoken and brave that they manage to improve hundreds and thousands of peoples lives.

Eleanor Roosevelt helped many people in her time, but her impact on history was so grand that her influence keeps going. Eleanor Roosevelt made my life a much better place, I think thats something we can all say. 

Is Eleanor your favorite first lady too?
Have a great day and please keep it unladylike


  1. Lovin' it. And I loved how you remembered to NOT put a period after the S in Harry Truman's name.