The ABC'S of Bad Ass B'z: A

The ABC's of Bad Ass B'z
A is for Alexi Wasser

Based off of my favorite childhood book "The ABC's of Being a Girl" and of course my dear friend Jess Buckley's "ABC's for April," this month I thought I'd go through the alphabet naming some bad-ass B'z that inspire mez.

Beginning with Alexi Wasser, aka Imboycrazy
now if you haven't read her blog, but you are currently reading mine, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!? She is all I could aspire to be as a writer, blogger, peppermint patty enthusiast and over hilarious minx with eyelashes for days and a very quick tongue. 

photo credit Alexi Wasser
She writes about life as a modern woman in this crazy sexed up, confusing world.
With a radio show/pod cast and a twitter account she updates frequently its easy to follow her. And after reading a few posts in her series "The Blind Leading the Blind" you will begin to see her image burnt into your morning toast, Alexi Wasser is a divine spirit that you will worship. It'll be like one of those weird fruit punch cults except with way better shoes. 

She will become your spirit animal, the little devil that sits on your shoulder or more importantly your new best friend.
Whether she is interviewing dreamy boys, discussing delectable celebrities, or answering your questions, Alexi is here for you and then some. She's kind of like the real life version of Samantha from Sex in the City and Kimmy Gibbler but only in the most loving non acid wash wearing way.

"You are a woman. You have the power to cast spells over men with your words, your silence, gestures, eyes and actions. This power can be super fun/entertaining, and will most likely result in an epic make out and/or someone falling in love with you. I can't stress how much power you have enough. Use it wisely."

Now, why spoil the mystery for you
you certainly need to discover this blog for yourself

if you go leave her a comment telling her I'm sending my love
Are you a frequent Imboycrazy reader?
let me know down below
have a great day
and PLEASE, 
keep it sassy

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