A not so simple outfit post

"PROM? But Sasssquatch, you're 20 and a sophomore in University, you couldn't possibly be going to prom and more importantly, why are you so obsessed with Prom, you nut job? You're like that one creepy girl that returned to high school after she graduated, to go to prom with friends "for fun," because she peaked in high school and is looking for redemption in the form of walking down the hallowed halls that used to greet her so kindly, but have now become a distant memory. WHY SASSSQUATCH WHY!?!"

Well, to answer your questions and concerns it is simple, I am perpetually a teenage girl, I also have more prom dresses than I have occasions to wear them. And the cherry on top of the cake, is that I have scary neighbors that own a limo parked right outside of my house, I think they are running a brothel... But regardless this perfectly placed limo allows me for perfect Prom photos, even if I'm not going to prom ever again ever. Anyway I've been quite enamored with the idea of Prom for a long time now and even I don't really know exactly why.

What is with our weird obsession with this quintessential "right of passage," known as prom?When we think of prom we think of, beautiful ball gowns, our lives ending as high school seniors and segwaying into adulthood aka college, you hear the song "Graduation" by Vitamin C play softly in the background as you slow dance with the school heart throb in plastic crowns as you look into each others eyes and whisper "I wish this moment would last forever." But in actuality all prom really is, is an excuse for hormonal teenagers to bump and grind to Pitbull, drunk off of whine coolers and sweating through there $300 rhinestone incrusted gowns that look nothing short of baby pageant full glitz cupcake dresses.

So why people, WHY? 

As a high schooler I attended an all girls school, I didn't know any boys till I was 15 and while being one part social outcast that gave no fucks, there was also one part of me that always dreamt of that gross cliche, John Hughes, high school experience. I wanted John Cusack to stand outside of my window with a boombox, but instead of Peter Gabriel I'd personally prefer the song stylings of Lil Twist. I wanted Judd Nelson to pump his fist in the air due to my sassy red head charm, after he stole one of my earrings, I wanted Jake Ryan to make out with me over flaming candles while I pray to god that I didn't wear something flammable, I wanted Freddie Prince Junior to transform my geeky self into "all that," goddamnit. And even though at the time, I knew it was lame and would constantly reject the idea, I secretly loved it and romanticized the idea completely. As most high schoolers do.
I never had a "promposal," I never had matching outfits, I never had after prom sex at a cheapy hotel, the ratio of girls to guys at our proms was 5 to 1. I did however take one hell of an awkward prom photo (see left photo) and I did show up to one of my proms wasted and had to get escorted out, but that wasn't supposed to happen THAT WASNT HOW PROM WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, Molly Wringwald was so disappointed with me.
I think High School sucks, and the media leads us to believe that with things like Prom, and pep rallys, that maybe we wont drop out and start doing meth if believe in this quintessential "high school life." It's as if with one dance the whole pimpley-drama filled- SAT prepped- bullshit high school experience wont seem completely awful. What is ironic is that we are lead to believe that this is it. You go to prom and then you die, your life is over once you graduate because thats what happened to our favorite sitcoms (No one watches 'The College Years'), we are told that high school is the best time in our lives and that if we don't enjoy it we will live miserable lives forever.

Thats not the case.

Prom is awkward. Highschool is awkward. When you think about it Prom is kind of like the high school experience shortened into 3 hours, you eat shitty food, you listen to shitty music, you sit only with your friends, but through what seems to be a shitty night you have fun, the Jock Douche Assholes will forever be Jock Douche Assholes, but the best part of Prom is that you realize that once this high school thing is done, you will never have to see these people ever again. Prom is kind of like a "good bye," and believe me, saying goodbye to High School is one of the best goodbyes you will ever say.

and remember anyone who "enjoyed" high school and wasn't bullied or ridiculed, ends up having a beer belly and failed dreams.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Betsey Johnson
Flowers: Ben Franklin
Earrings: Vintage
Clutch: Vintage
Heels: Betsey Johnson

Its fun for me to dress up because even though I am no longer a high schooler, I still dream of  a live that is better than what I have. While my dreams now consist of something a bit more substantial, a promising journalism career and a french bull dog named Frodo, I will always have my head in the clouds dreaming of that dream life that only happens on the big screen.

What was prom like for you
do you wanna see more posts about prom?
I've got SO many prom stories and photos let me know down below
Keep it Prommy


  1. you are beautiful and dreamy and I also have extra prom dresses so I vote we just have our own and drink gin and have cupcakes and dance around in circles xox

  2. Oh my goodness you are the cutest thing. I hated high school with a burning passion, but managed to convince myself to go to my Senior prom (stag of course! Haha, forever the awkward 5th wheel!) and for the most part it was a good night, but I never thought I belonged to any group in all of my school years. I guess that means I didn't "peak" or I won't be getting hit by a bus after being pushed by Lindsay Lohan. :P

    I love this post, miss Sasssquatch, and I hope you win queen this year ;)

  3. I was home-school from 6th grade to SENIOR year of high school, so obviously I was not asked to prom and was pretty damned depressed over a lot of stuff at school anyway including bullying so totally spent that night listening to evanescence and writing in my diary and making this sentence as long as possible okay there. Ha I was/am such a loser.

  4. This dress is so cute on you, I can't even stand it!!

  5. I certainly hope you've worn this dress to actual events! So cute! Any pics/links?

  6. I'm homeschooled, so I won't be going to a prom, even though I'm a senior. Such a bummer! I wanted to wear my Doc Martens with a prom dress.

  7. Super cute! I love how you managed to get the limo in the pics, so weird that your neighbours casually have a limo parked outside!

  8. My prom was the worst even I've ever attended in my LIFE.
    I really like your idea of re-enacting it without any of the crappy bits though :D

  9. Since I'm from the UK we never really had prom, at least not in the way that Americans seem to in films. Not that that is what real life is like. But it looks like fun, and your dress is so gorgeous! xx