Late Night Ramblings: (1)

Late Night Ramblings:
McDonalds at Midnight

Some random thoughts while I stuff my face

  • Take time for you this week, whether its one more nap, a rolo Mcflurry or a bath while naping or eating a Mcflurry. The moon is in a strange phase and you may get a little bat shit Gary Busey stir crazy, so dont feel bad for giving yourself some much needed "you time."
  • While many trends have been recycled time and time again, can cow print never happen...ever again. That and leather cowboy hats, toes rings, and anything that resembles something from Mark McGrath's closet, lets just leave 2001 in the history books.
  • Short hair is the new crazy colored hair. Lets be real we've all damaged our hair beyond hot oil repair. Do yourself a favor and chop those locks, I don't regret it.
  • Does anyone else stick their tongue out like one of those shitzu pups when applying mascara? 
  • Why are McNuggets so perfect? To paraphrase that tiny boy who resembled a young, actually funny "Larry the Cable Guy" from Wife Swap, "chicken nuggets is my family."
  • If you havent seen the movie "Rock of Ages" don't. I just saved you two hours wasted. Tom Cruize is weird and all about the sexualz.
  • If you find that the only thing you and a dreamboat have in common is your mutual love of Netflix, your relationship will last as long as the duration of the amazingly cancelled Pretty Wild.
  • Friends don't let friends drink chocolate chip frappuccinos at 8:30 in the morning, bubble guts will ensue.
  • When thinking "should I wear a fedora?" just punch yourself in the face instead. 
  • If when getting dressed you are stumped for what to wear, think "What would Zenon the girl of the 21st century do?" (or WWZD for short) trust me your look will not be inky to the fourth power squared.
  • When in doubt. Check your privilege 
  • Words I can't spell: privldge, asethcic, conscieous, embaress 
  • Things I'm into: The Bling Ring, Feminist Facebook Groups, The New Normal, pistachio gelato, late night target trips, pretending school isn't happening.

What are some of your late night thoughts?
Have a great evening
and please
keep it sassy


  1. Rock of Ages was terrible! I couldn't even get past the cheesiness of it, I could NOT stop talking about how bad just...every...scene... was. Literally just... awful movie. All I remember now is just being angry... haha.

    I LOVED Zenon! Especially the first one, I was obsessed with it! I loved when Disney Channel made GOOD movies!!!

  2. Fedoras are the worst! My boyfriend made our first inside joke about fedoras hahaha *nostalgic moment*

    McFlurries are the best and midnight ramblings like these are the reason I love the internet, and your blog!

    Zetus lupetus!


  3. i can smell the mcnuggets from the internet what does this say abt me

  4. Love McNuggets. Had some the other day. Also I have a cow hide purse my mom gave me that is actually sort of amazing. We got a couple cow hide bags into the shop where I work that I was also a tad obsessed with, so I may be having a cow hide moment, whereas you will never again have that moment.

  5. I love ewe forever and ever.