a not so simple outfit post

When I entered 7th grade, I realized I was no longer a child. I began to feel angry for no reason, I felt like no one understood me, the grosser my skin got the move angsty I got, then one day I looked around and thought to myself "holy shit, I'm a teenager." That being said I had no clue what kind of teenager I wanted to be, I didn't even know I could feel all these angsty feels; then all of a sudden a VHS of the film Empire Records just sort of fell into my life and the rest was history.

While trying to figure out the concept of being a "teenager," I didn't follow my peers, I religiously studied 90's teen films, (evident in my prom post). This being said I completely fell in love with the unbridled teenage rebellion that occurred in those films, everyone had perfect skin, spectacular clothes and a great set of friends, I mean is this like a Noxema commercial or what? 

For months I would watch Empire Records over and over after school. I found comfort escaping my drab 7th grade 2004 life and dreamt of life in the 90's, where there was no Myspace (facebook hadn't been invented yet), Paris Hilton or even bedazzled trucker hats (2004 was a rough year). I loved the grunge, I loved the angst, I loved the political awareness, but most importantly, *disclaimer loser statement soon approaching* I dreamt of having friends like that, I've literally found journal entries from 7th grade explaining actually that.

Anyone who has invested time into a fandom knows that reality sucks, and movies and television and books don't suck. So I would just repeat this movie over and over again, and I felt happy, it was a lot better than my middle school existence and it inspired me to rebel against corruption! Damn the man! SAVE THE EMPIRE!

And today (well actually monday) is no ordinary day
the day in which the entire movie is bassed around.
This, ladies and Gentlemen is Rex Manning, gah

We mustn't dwell, no, not today, we can't cause its Rex Manning day.

 Outfit Details:
Sweater: Brandi Melville
Bra: Victoria Secret
Skirt: Vintage
Belt: Vintage (I bought it in 7th grade, I was OBSESSED)
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Doc Martens

I realize I've been talking about this movie without actually talking about the movie.
It takes place over the course of one day.

Ugh, I keep wanting to talk about it but I think you just need to see it for yourself
so here is the trailer and some stills.

I don't think you guys understand how much I love this movie.

One of my senior quotes was "What's with Today, Today"
I love Liv Tyler, I love buying CD's and records, I LOVE THIS MOVIE

So lets all have a cupcake, pop some speed and fornicate with has-been celebrities on this very momentous day
at least thats what I'll be doing.

Have a great day 
and please,
keep it sassy,

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