Hang The DJ

A simple outfit posts and mixed tape

Topshop is young, Topshop is hip and most importantly Topshop is LOUD.
Being the clothing of the people, Topshop simultaneously acts as the visual voice of the people as well, Topshop provides us with style so we can dance to the tune of our own kazoo.
When I think of Topshop and I think of music, I think of raw, classic rock sounding diddies, but also techno beats that are light as little fairies, I think of powerful female vocalists and interesting instruments, I think of EVERYTHING.

So in preperation for our own live DJ this Saturday, my manager sent me some songs that were of the Topshop variety

And because I'm cute
I thought I'd feature my spring-y music-y related outfit

Outfit Details:
Striped Top: TopShop
Floral Top: TopShop
Skirt: Mural
Socks: TopShop
Shoes: Alice + Olivia

So I added a few more songs to this playlist and voila
feel free to follow it on spotify or whatever don't,  see if I care

Well that about has it pussy cats

sorry for the lateness of this post but better late than never right?

so have a wonderful evening and please keep it sassy


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