This is How to Be a Spring Breaker.

This is How To Be a Spring Breaker.

Pussycats, it is Spring Break! And while this one week out of the year is a bigger tease than Gypsy Rose Lee, I thought I'd share with you what I do with my days off. As many of you know I live in Honolulu, I am so lucky to have beautiful weather 364 days out of the year, but don't you fret, I try my hardest to never take these days for granted. So I thought I'd bring out my SPF and greet the sunshine head on, instead of how I usually do, with massive sunglasses, a cloak and very loud hiss (I am a vampire afterall).  Now I know what you are thinking, "But Sasssquatch, I don't live near the beach!?!" Well pussy cats, I have the ultimate solution for you, BACKYARD STACATION BONANZA BLITZ. I invented the term myself. Bascially you put on your most favorite bathing suit, later yourself up like its your day job and roast in the sun like a rotissary chicken. Bring your favorite tunes, favorite book and even favorite beach supplies (it sets the mood) and fry crispy. 

Now I only kid about the frying part, stay safe wear SPF, but while sitting under a giant umbrella you certainly need something to quench your thirst
so here is my recipe for my Sassy Citrus-aide
it's actually ridiculously easy.

STEP 1: Find a lemon, orange and lime

STEP 2: Cut said lemon, orange and lime 

STEP 3: Juice said lemon, orange and lime

STEP 4: Pour said juice in the blender

STEP 5: Add Water and ice cubez

STEP 6: Add Sugar, I added 3 spoonfuls but its up to you then blend till delicious.

STEP 7: Super Awesome Party trick
if you want to rim your fancy drink with sugar what you'll need to do is pour some honey and sugar on a plate

Then cover the rim of the glass in honey

then in sugar

STEP 8: VOILA, you are fancy as hell

I chose to add a strawberry because I'm REALLY fancy, but that last part isn't required.

Outfit Details:
Bikini Top: Victoria's Secret
Bikini Bottoms: American Apparel
Sunglasses: Ebay
Watering-can purse: Pylones (I bought it in England and have yet to feature it in a post wth)
Scarf: Alexander McQueen, ebay
Book: Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, Barnes and Nobles

Spring break is about FUN! It's about giving yourself time to relax, its about giving you a tiny delicious taste of summer all while allowing you to procrastinate school work for an ENTIRE WEEK. 

What did you do this spring break?
What are your summer plans?
Have a wonderful rest of the week
Keep it sassy,


  1. these photos look like a magazine editorial! Perfect post. Perfect blog. Just perfect :') x

  2. pretty pictures! you look so cool!

  3. SUNSHINE!!!! *writhes with jealousy*

  4. Your pictures are cute. For whatever reason my school has spring break REALLY REALLY early, like it was 3 weeks ago haha and it's still not warm outside wah. I never go anywhere nice for spring break so I like your idea of staycationing in your backyard. Your sassy citrus-aide also looks great; I want to try it when the weather warms up. Woot for chuck klosterman and cute bikini bottoms :)

  5. I love your little setup and the sunglasses of course! You are so tiny I am jealousssssss

    Oh and you have weird bendy-arms like me! (referencing the last pic)

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  8. Super cute! I wish i had a break right now ): And that citrus drink looks yum!