Spring Breaker!

I Rode My Bicycle Past Your Window Last Night:
A Simple Outfit Post.

The beauty of spring break in my eyes is not getting schwasted in Cancun off of giant watermelon daiquiris, while fist pumping to the song stylings of LMFAO, in a Girls Gone Wild trucker hat. The beauty of spring break is not watching ANTM reruns in my underwear.
The beauty of spring break isn't necessarily even riding your bike around your neighborhood in your favorite camo jacket. The beauty of spring break is that it is a week in the middle of the semester where you can do WHATEVER YOU PLEASE. 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Topshop
Jacket: Topshop
Boots: Steve Madden
Bike: Left from a Wes Anderson themed party from our dear friend Bianca

Also check out my AMAZING new do, by my favorite Lanee Roth aka La Hair Artiste!

How do you spend your spring break?
Have a great day
and PLEASE, keep it sassy


  1. Cute bike! I love the handle tassels I remember having those when I was a kid~

  2. I love Spring and riding bikes is so much fun. I don't have a bike anymore but I love taking photos of the pink trees we get around here.
    Your hair is so lovely and unique!

  3. new hair color is beyond perfection! <3

  4. What an adorable outfit! I love your bike!

    Emma x

  5. The blue of your dress is SUCH a gorgeous shade and it looks EVEN nicer with the pink in your hair! Also, that bike is magical.

  6. I love that bike! And your hair looks lovely :)

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    : signe

  8. is that title a Melanie reference? i love this whole look. your hair color looks like raspberry tootsie pops :3