Moses Supposes His Toes's are Roses.

Moses Supposes His Toes's are Roses:
A Simple Outfit Post

I'm a HUGE procrastinator, so much that I realized I had a fashion project due in 2 hours.
The project was "embellishments," we had to embellish some article of clothing and present it in front of the class. I remembered that I used to sew and quickly looked through the far back of my closet to find this gem.
I, Caelan Hughes, made this romper during my sophomore year in high school.
WHAT, I know, it shocks me as much as it shocks you.
I had completely forgot about this romper, this poor thing collected dust while my closet grew and grew from modest to being completely over stuffed.
Now I know you may think its just a romper, but I see it as much more.
This romper is a symbol that I can do a lot of things. If I had the capability to make a romper of this detail at one point in time, I can do anything! 
With work and school and dreamy boys and lovely friends I get busy and don't really have time to do the things I used to love. But finding this, and breathing new life into such a wonderful little Sasssquatch creation gives me hope for my future.
I can do anything I set my mind too and you can too!
If you want to make a romper, DO IT
If you want to pass french class, DO IT
If you want to ask a dreamboat out, DO IT

take a look, its in a book, its reading rainbow 

Honestly, you will surprise yourself.

This is also a great reminder to look back at the things you've accomplished in the past, and take a moment to remember that you are offing spectacular.
Whether it was passing Psych 101
Or winning a Horse competition 
or making it all the way through 6 seasons of Malcom in the Middle on Netflix

you have, you can, and you will accomplish WONDERFUL things, I BELIEVE IN YOU

Outfit Details
Romper: MOI
Glasses: Buy.com
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Alice + Olivia
Ring: Aldo Accessories 

What is one of your hidden talents?
Have a great day
and PLEASE, keep it sassy


  1. What an adorable frock! I could barely get out of bed in my HS years (and I was homeschooled) so this is like... super impressive! I wish I had the motivation to do stuff like that <3

  2. your glasses are amazing. And this outfit is amazing. And you are amazing.


  3. This is utterly gorgeous! Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to try making one too!

    1. I don't actually have a pattern! just make a simple romper and add the apron and rosettes!

  4. That romper is so cute!! Now I want to make one!

  5. Wow you have skills to have made that dress! I can only manage to alter things... and sometimes very badly at that.

  6. OOOOMMMMMGGGGG I love this look!!! In my top favorites. You made this? Mind blown.

  7. The first thing I thought when I saw the first photo was - That's one of the prettiest dresses I've seen her wear. And then I read that you made it! Ahh!! So awesome!! The whole look is perfection. :)

  8. Crikey Moses, the romper you made is FANTASTIC! And your shoes are super duper snazzy too