Sasssquatch's Guide to Love: How to Talk to Cuties

Sasssquatch's Guide to Love:
How to Talk to Cuties

My first message from one of you lovely pussy cats:

Dear Sasssquatch, I have this horrific achilles heel when it comes to attractive guys. Hell, I'm witty, I'm humorous, I'm not super ugly- but that all flies out the window when I talk to a cute guy. I get clammy and awkward and I avoid eye contact and I run away and I hghfdjkgd. It's a mess. How do I get courage during intimate conversations with a cute face? :c
-Sincerely, how-to-talk-to-boiz

Okay darling, I totally feel your pain, I went to an all girls school and I can be a bit awkward when it comes to the opposite sex so here are a few tips about how to talk to those dreamy heart throbs that make our hearts go "boom boom- boom boom"

compliments are the best way to start talking to anyone, compliment their shoes, their hat, their doodles in class, ANYTHING, its a great way to keep the conversation going.

2) Less is more
When talking to dreamboats if you have a babbling problem like myself, just remember, less is more. Ask them questions and really listen to what they are saying, I think everyone finds a good listener attractive! PLUS, if you don't say too much, maybe you'll seem mysterious, which is kewl. 

3) Quality Time
Of course when first meeting someone its always sometime awkward, but the more time you spend around someone the easier it is to talk to them! This being said, also recognize that talking to a dreamboat shouldn't be too difficult, there should be a good back and forth and if there isn't maybe think, "is he the right dreamboat in my harbor?"

4) Mutual Interests
Okay, when I meet a dude that I think is the business, I will not lie, I'm totally creepy. You need to figure out some of their interests, or favorite bands and totally wikipedia all about them. Um hello have we seen Clueless before? #amIright I usually hope that there is some sort of mutual interest, but in the past I've totally lied about things I said I liked, whatever, he was cute! Anyway having a plethora of knowledge about something he cares about will A) give you something to talk about and B) impress I'm certain!

5) Be Yourself
oh yes, I went there. "Be yourself" says your mom, those self help books you buy when you are 13 and even those maxi pad boxes all say "be yourself." And while its as cliche as a single red rose, those words are true! If you are your witty, adorable, smart, charming, bold, funny self then you shouldn't be worried about whether anyone likes you or not. Have confidence in the fact that you are a BEAUTIFUL little pussy cat and that any person should feel lucky that you are even talking to them!

I hope this advice helped!
have a great day,
and please keep it lovely dovey


  1. Just be careful to not let them know you creeped about that stuff online :)

  2. Ugh this is like the story of my life! I always run away when I first start talking to guys or I avoid them completely :-(