Sasssquatch's Guide to Love: Flip Flopping Feelings

Sasssquatch's Guide to Love
Flip Flopping Feelings

I had a reader send me this question
Dear Sasssquatch, When I dig a special cutie, why do I suddenly stop diggin them when I find out they dig me too?
-Sincerely, Flip-Flopped-Feelings

Dear Flipper may I just say I, of all people know how you feel.
There is something so exhillerating about the chase right before a relationship. You want to act really cool and impress them, and you are learning all about them and you want them to like you sooo badly.

When I met my one of my exboyfriends I tried so hard to be the best Caelan I could be ie, I was 16 and changed everything about myself for him to like me, then once he did and we were facebook official, I remember thinking, "now what?"

I think if you are a flip-flopper you need to really look deep within yourself and your past relationships and question why do your feelings change.
Do you enjoy the power trip you get, knowing that you can make cuties like you?
Do you try to fill some sort of void with cutie to cutie and once things get real you get scared?
Do you pursue cuties out of boredom?
Are you slightly afraid of relationships themselves?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it may be why you flip flop.
I for one know that I've flip flopped in the past because I wasn't pursuing the right guy, I was blindly throwing out my fishhooks in attempt of catching bate without actually doing my proper fish friend research.
I know now what I want in a relationship and that I cannot settle for just anyone, but that when I eventually do find someone who wants to spend all their time with me and loves me even though I love One Direction I'll be stoked and my feelings wont flip flop.

Another huge thing I think with flip floppers is to TAKE YOUR TIME.
Don't rush the beginning stuff, let it last as long as possible because maybe you just don't like the standard relationship dynamic and that is OKAY. Don't feel like you NEED to put a label on anything, labels are for soup cans, not for young love birds.

I guess the biggest thing I can stress is that maybe you are looking for love in the wrong places if your feelings change so easily, so calm down, smell the roses and let the love find you.

If its not now, it'll be soon, I guarantee you will not be forever alone, as hard as it is to believe sometime.

And if it means anything, I LOVE YOU! And I will love to be your friend and your love buddy and all of those things in between

So I hope I helped answer your questions
and I hope I wasnt too harsh
Have a great evening and PLEASE keep it sassy,