Sasssquatch N' Internet Friends: Shawn

Sasssquatch N' Internet Friends:
I've meet some amazing friends across the internet, one, most notably, Shawn. He is one of the funniest, cutest writers I've ever met. His writing is as quick, witty and funny as a simile I cannot come up with. He's like a male Tina Fey, from Florida....or the Uncle Jesse of writing....okay I'm horrible with metaphors. Anywho He's featured on Huffington post, a website called The Yeti, and now Sasssquatch.com and its safe to say that this baby is the opposite of abominable. 

NameShawn Binder

Age:  I'm 20 years old (and freaking out about it)

Favorite Color: Red!

Describe your Style in one sentence: Patterns and form fitting bottoms are usually what I gravitate to. During the winter it's all about large cardigans and beanies; the summer is for tank tops and bright shorts. Wow, I sound like I dress like a frat boy during the summer.

Main fashion influenceI think a lot of my fashion influence comes from living at FSU and seeing what I don't enjoy. I'm not interested in wearing Abercrombie shirts and sports jerseys so I sort of found my style through avoiding those things.

Tiny things that make you happy:Candles. Candles and tea. I think i'm happiest at the end of the day, when i'm laying in bed with a cup of tea reading while reading a book. Also, Coke Iccees make me pretty happy but I have to remind myself often to drink them sparingly.

Favorite place in the whole wide worldI think my favorite place in the world is NYC. There is so much energy and vibrancy that i've always been drawn to. I feel like life there is so less monotonous.

Favorite sweet treat: Chocolate Chip Crunchy Peanut butter clif bars. My weakness.

Favorite Childhood book: When I was in 3rd grade, a boy in my class threw up all over me in the nurses office. Since I apparently didn't make a scene, the nurse wound up giving me "Amelia Bedelia Helps Out" which always stuck with me.

Favorite form of communication: I suppose texting because I hate talking on the phone. I really love getting hand written letters, but i'm the worst pen-pal and rarely get the chance to write people back. 

Favorite Albums of all time: An album that I'll still put on from time to time is Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. Another albums I could probably listen to for hours are Lily Allen's "It's Not Me, It's You" and Duffy's "Rockferry." Women vocalists just do more for me than male vocalists do. There is something that comes across more soulful to me. Right now i've been completely immersed in Solange's EP "True." If you haven't heard it yet, go out and give it a listen. It's an emotional journey!

Favorite films:  I mean, where would we be without films like Sunset Boulevard? So, I'd definitely consider that one of my favorite films. I also really enjoyed Seven Psychopaths, which was completely snubbed this award season. Other films I also have really enjoyed are Crash, Stand By Me, and, of course, The Birdcage.

Favorite items of these categories:

Something old: I have this copy of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone that i've had since I was 9. I originally bought the book when I wasn't able to read as well as I should have been at my age. When I first bought the book, I couldn't get through the first chapter. After the started pulling me out of recess to help me work through my reading, I finally buckled down. I practiced reading billboards while in the car. Since then i've read the book well over fifteen times. The book is tattered and yellowed, but I still make time to read it every year.

Something New:I just purchased a black cardigan that i'm pretty much obsessed with. I wish it were colder in Florida so I could wear it everyday.

Something Borrowed:  I have a copy of Valley of the Dolls that I borrowed from a friend about six months ago that I just can't bring myself to give back because it's such a wonderfully scandalous novel.

Something blue: My Isle Fair cardigan that's navy blue

If you could animorph into any animal which would it be and whyI would probably be an otter. They're my favorite non-domesticated animal and I love to swim.

What are you studying in college:  I'm studying Editing, Writing, and Media with a focus in Creative Non-fiction. I'm minoring in International Affairs and all of my courses for that are focused on Religion. I'm agnostic, but I am completely captivated by studying religion from a cultural perspective.

When did your love of writing begin:I've been writing since I could write. I recently found a journal I had kept when I was six. Mostly it was just lists of things I ate and things I watched, but there are a few gems in there.

T-shirt: Urban Outfitters Pants: Beloved Khaki Shorts

What is your favorite article that you’ve written so far: A lot of my favorite things that i've written have never been published. I think one of my favorite things i've written that people are able to read is an open letter I wrote to college freshmen. It wound up being picked up by The Huffington Post. I feel like that article was my way of articulating my own growth since college. I saw a girl crying in the library at my school, which inspired the article. It was a little surreal to look back at what I had written and think, "at one point in my college career, I was that girl."

What is your dream jobI think my dream job would just allow me to write and be able to afford candles, wine, and a decent apartment in NYC. Eventually I would love to be able to transition from writing online to writing novels and screenplays.

What are some of your future projectsWell, one project is this collaboration we're working on now! I'm very excited about that. Also, I'm beginning to send out my personal essays to different literary journals which leaves me feeling both excited and vulnerable. I work for a few different sites and soon i'll be spear-heading a YouTube channel for one of them!

Tell us About your Tattoo: It was right after I came out and I just really needed to do something to vent all my stress and anxiety out. I wanted something where I could look down and remind myself, "I love myself and I deserve love in return," because prior to coming out I would beat myself up over something I could never change.
Shawn's tattoo

Where do you shop and what do you look for:  I shop a lot at American Apparel and Good Will. When I'm out shopping I usually look for unique pieces or cardigans. Good Wills are a treasure trove of awesome cardigans.

Denim Jacket: Levi's Tank Top: Sober is Sexy

Who are your main writing influence: Which would be David Sedaris, Denis Cooper, Joan Didion, and Ryan O'Connell (Who I recently got to interview and is a total gem)

What inspires you to write: What inspires me to write is that I honestly just feel like I need to. I feel like there needs to be more popular gay writers out there today who are my age. I think the men who came before me were wonderful in paving the way for gay youths to be super vocal about what they want out of life. I would be an idiot not to take the opportunities they gave me.

Where can we find you: You can find me usually on campus in a coffee line looking annoyed with life. Seriously, though. If i'm not in class or working at my campus' radio station, i'm usually writing in a corner and pulling out my hair! Please feel free to follow me on twitter and look for my pieces onblog.uloop.com/fsu!






you know what to do pussycats

Where did your url come from: I thought of it because day dreaming can be scary too sometimes

 How do you define Sassy: Sassy is the power to say how you feel when you feel it, unapologetically.

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