Sasssquatch N' Friends: Sophia

Sasssquatch N' Friends:

At this point you should already know about my series of interview posts
And now, I would like to introduce you too, Sophia.
I met this tiny wonder in 8th grade, she was a silent 7th grader with a light brown bob and cat-like grace that lead me to the thought "yes, I would like to be friends with her." We grew up together and worked on plays together and its safe to say that Sophia is one of the coolest cats I know. She left our tiny island this past fall to pursue her dreams at this kick ass all girls college where I actually can't believe it but I believe she got even cooler. What I love about Sophia is her inability to give fucks when it comes to fashion, guilty pleasures and the things she loves. Sophia is kinda of a visionary and kinda of a big deal. 

Also if you are a LONG TIME Sasssquatch reader you'd remember her from a few of my previous posts such as this one, click here


Name: Sophie
Age: Freshly 19

Favorite Color: I actually have a favorite group of colors and these include: Peach, Light Blue, Sea Foam Green, Burgundy, Black and Lime Green and they are generally in patterns so its not just plainly one color, they go together. 

Describe your Style in one sentence: I am a pixie-goth-china doll-circus clown. I layer like it's nobody's business. 


Outfit Details:
Velvet Crop top: Brandi Melville 
Denim Vest: American Apparel
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Express
Sneakers: Urban Outfitters
Backpack: Gap Kids
Patch: From someone very very VERY special.

Main fashion influence: Vivienne Westwood, Ms. McEwan (Badass High school teacher), Prostitutes from the Moulin Rouge (real place and the movie), Audrey Hepburn, Japanese bathhouses and woodblock prints, punk and goth culture, my 13 year old lame hot topic self, Maira Kalman and Bjork.

Tiny things that make you happy: Cats, my Sister ring, my baby cheetah backpack, taxidermy animals, tiny cutlery, tiny Japanese candy makers (insert video), avocados, cheesy popcorn, little cactuses, bumblebees, my heart patch, and my armpit hairs.

Her backpack is with her ALWAYS, since she was 6 years old it has been her companion, she used to fill it full of plastic fruit and stuffed animals and pretend to go on a grand adventure.

Now it is full of all sorts of different lovely treats

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Iceland ice caves. I've never been there, but it's my dream country.
Favorite hair color you’ve had: My celery green bobbed hair.
 Any Tattoos: Yes. It's a secret. 

Favorite sweet treat: The darkest dark chocolate. Chocolate is a huge part of my confection consumption. And avocados... of course
Favorite Childhood book: Oooh La La Max in Love, Squids will be Squids, Little House on the Prairie, Amelia Bedilia, The Stinky Cheese Man, Verdi and the Grim's Faerie Tales
Favorite form of communication: Kissing. 
Favorite Album of all time: Medulla by Bjork. That album has maintained my emotional sanity.


Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage
Tights: Costume Shop
Shoes: Vintage

Favorite films: As an amateur filmmaker, this is certainly the hardest question to answer so far. But if I had to make a top 7 list... Singing in the Rain, Black Swan, Tree of Life, Life Aquatic, Lost in Translation, Closer, and Scott Pilgrim. 
Favorite items of these categories:
Something old: I love how formal dances and balls used to be such a big deal. Everyone should know how to waltz and fox trot.
Something New: Modern dance, I’m so into dance again after years of ballet. I've also been learning how to compose and make electronic music.
Something Borrowed: All the stuff from my sisters closet, and the things that I stole from Goodwill that I promised myself I would give back one day.
Something blue: Water. I can't stand the thought of being landlocked. Icebergs, my Jeffrey Campbell’s, eyes, sapphires, Van Gogh's paintings, and the light in the morning just before sunrise. 
If you could animorph into any animal which would it be and why: Any sort of feline. Preferably a cheetah (my spirit animal.)
What is your dream job: A Russian spy. My name would be Natalia. Either that or a performance artist who pretends to be a Russian spy.


Outfit Details:
Dress: A second hand store on Haight Street
Fishnets: Costume Shop
Boots: Christmas Present
Circle Scarf: American Apparel

What are you studying in school: I am studying intermedia arts. Primarily electronic music and film. But I'm trying to dabble in other things like environmental science and philosophy. 
Where do you shop and what do you look for: Thrift stores, American Apparel (I've conformed), Forever21 (so cheap it blows my mind), Chinatown, Japantown, flea markets, and Goodwill’s all over. I mostly look for interesting textures, colors, and prints. The fabric itself is important to me. But I wear so much black now so I think that's changed.


Favorite photo or video that you’ve created: I have nothing online that I can show haha. Im kinda inappropriately private with the stuff I make. I guess I shouldn’t be but I’m worried about copyright stuff.
Do you identify as a feminist: OF COURSE. EVERYONE SHOULD.
Where can we find you: You can find me at theitsy-bitsy-spider.tumblr.com, I don’t post a whole bunch about me on that blog but its my style and color inspiration, I’m a huge sucker for good color pallets, I’m always on the hunt for them.
also INSTAGRAM: naiad9
How do you define Sassy: To be truly sassy, one must replicate all feline characteristics. Essentially. ;}


Outfit Details:
T-Shirt: Nasa, where her Papa Works
Skirt: Old dance skirt worn inside out
Green Tights: Macy's
Sneakers: Urban Outfitters

Well its taken about FOREVER to finally post this, but why not feature someone I love so dearly in the month of LURV.
Sophia is something special and I'm so glad I got to feature her on my lovely humble little blog.

Also be prepared for a month FULL of awesome lovely people that I adore so much, because this is birthday month and love month and I love it all so there.

have a great day
and PLEASE keep it lovey dovey


  1. Uh she is so cool! I love the cat NASA top so much, and i am so jealous her Dad works for NASA. Damn why don't I know any cool peeps like her ):

  2. Love this, and the "Hiss" tattoo is probably one of the best things I've seen this week. It's perfect!
    She seems like a great person to talk to! Love that she totally embraces who she is.

  3. I'll keep shaving my arm pits if you let yours grow hehe ;)

    xx Domenic