Things I Love: Rad Apparel

February is a month about love, and there is something I must stress.
I LOVE Rad Apparel
Rad Apparel is a jewelry and clothing brand set up by three darling girls based in south London, (yall know how much I love London). They make kewl jewelry and all things rad and they were kind enough to contact me and send me some goodies, I'm actually the luckiest girl in the world, just saying

I'd like to show you all the amazing goodies I got from them 

They sent me a tiny post with all these wonderful things including: A post card, a choker, a pair of dinosaur earrings, a tiny bear pin and a bunch of confetti, THESE GIRLS KNOW ME TOO WELL! GAH!!!

now watch me model my goodies hahaha lol

Im so incredibly in love with all these amazing goodies!
The quality is lovely, the idea is so cute, the thing I love most about rad is that they don't only sell items, they sell this idea, this image of this london girl who dont give a hoot, and thats the kinda girl I wanna be.
I imagine these three lovely ladies putting their heart and souls into this project and it'll be cool to say that I collabed with them back when before they blew up and were ultra mega famous.

So to help paint the visual of this Rad Apparel type of gal I'm gonna steal a few photos from their tumblr so you get the idea

I think you get the idea

so If you are awesome, (and if you are reading this, I know you are) you should follow them on tumblr HERE, and check out their big cartel HERE

And I want you to know, despite this being my first review, I will never give you a dishonest opinion, I fully believe in this company and these opinions are 100% truthful

Now please be a dear and check them out
have a great day
keep it RAD


(also if you are interested in my reviewing skillz contact me at caelanmhughes@gmail.com)


  1. Oh my, that choker is adorable and those EARRINGS, wowow, you really are the luckiest girl ;P

  2. I wish more people were more radical sheesh!

    xx Domenic