POW POW: A Simple Outfit Post.

Zoom, Pow, Lol
A Simple Outfit Post

Yes, I'm alive, forgive my minor hiatus, I was too busy being a superhero!
You see, this is a secret, but I was riding on my razor scooter the other day when I did a kick flip and ended up in a vat of toxic waste. 
Now, not only is my hair different (thanks for noticing :) but I also posses the power to attempt humor but fail miserably every time I try. I'm also able to not figure out time to manage school, work and this blog thus my absence BUT I'M BACK!

so hi.

Outfit Details:
Top: TopShop
Skirt: Mural
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Glasses: Borrowed from my sister Devon
Shoes:Vivienne Westwood

So I hope you enjoyed this simple outfit post, along with my new hair, ITS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER HAD SHORT HAIR, so let me know what you think sweet kittens!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Have a great day 
and PLEASE keep it sassy

this is how the top looks as a dress


  1. You are the most perfect human being on the planet.

  2. Is that bag just the most incredible thing ever or what???!!! I am so loving this whole comic book aesthetic you've got going on here!

  3. cute, and I like how you kept a bit of the red! LOVE the dress, and the yellow skirt too :)
    Sassy as always.

  4. Short hair!! New hair is always so fun. And by "simple," you must mean adorbs.

  5. Your new hair is TO DIE for. And the outfit is adorable as always!

  6. I think you're super power may have slipped because i laughed. Also cute hair.

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  8. your hair looks AMAZING! you look so mature and gorgeous (as always)
    omg u r growin up !!!!111!!!11 :'')))))


  9. This outfits is really cute, and you hair? You look amazing!!! I'm thinking to cut my hair, but I'm always so worried, when someone puts his hands on my hair...

  10. I think I just died from an overload of pure concentrated coolness.