How To: Make the Best VDay Mixed Tape

How To Make the Best Lovey Dovey Mixed Tape For Valentines Day
With little to no effort at all

Valentines day is coming around the corner and you may or may not be stumped for a gift
If you are this post is for you! Everyone loves music, and mixed tapes have been around since Mozart and that douche Salieri swapped playlists and knew got jiggy wit it. 

So here is the easiest way to come up with an AWESOME mix that will impress ANYONE.

Every Valentines day I come out with my Sweet♡mix,
 which features every appropriate song with the word ♡ in it, seriously just enter the word "heart" in your itunes search bar and pick your favorite songs and are most appropriate for the person who makes your heart beat faster than the energizer bunny.

Do the same with the word "love," "not complete hatred," or maybe even "acquaintance" to describe how you feel about this person and boom make that mix tape
plus it seems like you made the extra effort by choosing songs that all feature the same word!

now photoshop together some cool mix tape covers
burn that baby and badda bing badda boom YOU'VE GOT A PRESENT 

Let me know what you think of this gift
and if you have any other ideas for cheap, easy valentines day gifts let me know if the comments!!!

Have a great day
and please keep it lovey dovey


  1. I've definitely made a mix tape with "My Lovely" by Eisley before. That is such a good song.

  2. You don't actually have any LDR on there though..

    XX Domenic


    1. thats the best part! I dont NEED to have LDR <3

  3. Brilliant!!! :)


  4. This is fantastic! I'm going to give it a whirl! Thanks lovely x