First Dates and Valentines Date Ideas.

First Dates
and Valentine Date Ideas
Photo by Michelle Chen
Oh First dates, there is nothing more terrifying than a first date and what a better time to discuss them, what to avoid and where you should go!

Okay so let me tell you a bit about my first date. When I was 16 this sweet boy with emo hair asked me to hang out in Waikiki. We walked around and talked with many an awkward silence unsure whether or not he wanted to hold my hand or how he felt about me. Then we sat under a banyan tree where we talked nervously about our feelings when *plop* a bird took a massive poop on me. Yes people, on my first date ever a bird took a giant poop on my leg, I WAS MORTIFIED! Its safe to say it made the whole afternoon awkward, I was beet red the entire time and I did not get a kiss goodbye.

The main lesson I learned from this date was, never take dates too seriously, especially first dates.
I was so nervous about what to wear and what to say and then when nature took over, I just lost it.

Dates should be fun! And if you aren't having fun then maybe you are on a date with the wrong person. Along that thought, usually after the first date you have a good idea whether you genuinely like the person but if not go out again, feel it out, just make sure the other party isn't pressuring you to put any labels down until you are ready.

My tips for a gr8 first d8 are:
1. Keep it short
plan a short date just incase its awkward you can escape after an hour of coffee instead of a 4 hour long zoo trip
2.  Ask Questions
If there is ever a lull in conversation just keep asking questions, fun creative questions not like weird questions that make them feel like they are in an interview.
3. I would save the sexy time for another date
but thats just personal, I follow the Millionaire Matchmaker's advice, BUT do you! if you think it is right GO FOR IT
4. Confidence is key
Be confident that you are cute and you are nice and you are a great date, and I'm sure the date will play out in your favor
5. Give into guilty pleasures
You never know if your date will also admit to loving One Direction or twinkies or maybe even the Twilight Series. Don't try to act cooler than you are, if you want something real you need to be real!

Vday D8 Ideas:
Last Valentines day this sweet boy took me to Chinatown for dim sum after giving me a pinata full of Vday chocolate. It was a perfect date.

The aquarium would be a lovely place to go

Or getting a cup of coffee and some biscotti

Movies are a bit cliche for my taste, so why not the opera or an outdoor concert!

One of my best dates was getting loco mocos with this cute boy followed by cuddling in a public park, it was very fun and different

Or I once got greek food with a boy and then we played rockband

Just go for something different, don't be too corny, remember we don't live in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Also another thing worth mentioning, group dates can be totally fun and awesome so do that if you are nervous you can totally bring a lot friends and break the ice,

Just remember you are you and you are awesome and any person would be LUCKY to go on a date with you
Have a great date
keep it lovey dovey,


  1. oh this was so cute and full of wonderful advice x

  2. I wish I could attach my Valentines day card here for you.

    xx Domenic


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