✌ Chuck Them Deuces✌

✌ Chuck Them Deuces 
A classier way to flip the bird.

While this February I've been posting daily, answering all your love related questions and giving you my advice on all that ooey gooey love stuff I thought I'd remind you of a post I did exactly a year ago.

As an angry teen girl, (I'm only a teen till Saturday EEEPP) I have a lot of anger and a lot of emotions, so many emotions you'd be surprised that I don't have my own reality TV show by now, and or I'm constantly decked out in moods rings to keep my shit in check.

I wrote a post last February all about Flipping the Bird
and to this day it is one of my most favorite posts I've ever written.
But, pussycats, its been a year now, we are so much older and wiser and its safe to say we've gotten a bit more classy and a bit less sassy, (shocker I know).

So lets move past the bird and onto the DEUCES.

Some might think, "but Sasssquatch, what does this have to do with Valentines day, TODAY IS THE DAY BEFORE VALENTINES DAY?" and to that I respond saying, I had a really difficult day full of retail and hair color woes, that I need a little less glitter glue and a little more "F**K YOU."

According to Wikipedia, "the V sign is a hand gesture, palm outwards with the index and middle fingers open and all others closed" (not to be confused with Vanilla Ice's V hand gesture.) It has been used to represent victory during the second world ward and used most frequently during the Vietnam war for anti-war protests. Now it has been adopted as a universal sign of peace. 

Now if you are from a predominately suburban area (lol I am) you might be wondering, "but Sasssquatch, what on earth does 'Chuck them deuces mean?" Well friends, let me explain it to you with a little help from our buddies at Urban Dictionary

"Chuck Them Deuces- verb- meaning "the act of greeting another person, basically saying hello in a more ghetto fabulous way. A deuce is chucked when you hodl your middle and index fingers like a peace sign, sideways with knuckles showing to whomever you are greeting"

now while I don't tolerate the term "ghetto fabulous," I do tolerate a good chucked deuce. 

Used in a sentence "A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me, hanging out the passenger side of his best friends ride, trying to chuck a deuce at me"

The term was made popularized by Chris Brown's song, "Deuces," but if you know me any bit, you know that I do NOT tolerate Chris Brown SO here is Ciara's version of the song (and yes, listening to Ciara throws me back to middle school dances with braces and a lot of Fanta.)

 Are you getting it?

you chuck them deuces when you meet someone,
when you say goodbye
and most notably when you are so done with someone and you just wanna yell "PEACE!"

What I like most about chucking them deuces is that it is not nearly as abrasive as the middle finger. By chucking them deuces not only are you ending the conversation by saying "BYE-BYE" but also its more peaceful as if to imply "I get that we don't see eye to eye so I'm gonna leave you before I say something I regret PEACE."

Work stressing you out? DEUCES
No Valentine? DEUCES
Not sure about how a dude feels about you? DEUCES

Deuces is the international sign of being completely OVER a situation to the point where you just have to get out of it and say PEACE.

So I hope you enjoyed this post
let me know what your favorite hand gesture is
Have a great almost Valentines Day
and PLEASE, keep it Classy


  1. International sign of what? "Deuces" is just the same as "flipping the bird" in the UK. My preferred, silent finger-based "fuck off". Especially as noone here in Spain knows what the hell it means.

  2. Ahaha, love this. You always make me chuckle. <3