Bye 19

On the eve of my 20th birthday 
may I make a few reflections

I'm a bit apprehensive about turning 20
I've prided my life and my spirit on being the quintessential "teen girl."
And now, I'm in my 20s

I want to write more
and be super eloquent
but instead I'm tired
so I will leave you with this song

give me some inspiring thoughts on turning 20 cause I'm a bit nervy
have a great evening and please keep it sassy!


  1. Don't worry! I'm 20-something and I can honestly say you only start getting older when you decide it's time to get older.

    I'm not going to lie, some-alot of your friends will start getting married and having babies and you'll feel a lot of pressure to do the same (I feel it all the time even though I don't even have a boyfriend) but if that's not what you want to do at that exact same time then you are under absolutely no obligation to do it. Even thought I feel the pressure it's not something I'm going to do until I'm good and ready and I'm most definitely not rushing for anyone.

    Anyway 20 is like nothing! It's when you hit 25 you're expected to know how to dress and feed yourself ;-)

  2. Perhaps its my cultural background, or where I'm from, or perhaps its even just how I perceive and over-analyze everything around me, but for me, so far at least, being in my twenties has been both fun and challenging. Of course I don't think I felt the real fun of it all until I turned 21, which really hasn't been as long as its felt. And its not merely for the obvious reason of buying drinks; its somewhat liberating being able to go anywhere you want to go and be admitted; even going to concerts is better because then you wont have those huge X's on your hands, same goes for clubs, if that's your scene. But you know, and maybe this is just me, having those X's when you're twenty always made me feel out of place, you know you're too old to be a teen but not old enough to be an adult, and so I've found that being in your twenties is a great place to figure out where you belong. For me being a teen in university was a time to figure out who you were as a person, its that new autonomy where you can choose what you want to do, who you want as friends, what classes to take, do I wake up a three, you know, you get to choose who and what you are, but being in your twenties, and that's if you've settled the former, is about figuring our your place in the world. Its about saying this is who I am, but asking why, then asking what next. And for some its get married right away, have kids and all that jazz and for others its something else, but like Rachel said above its gotta be something you want. Of course this is all how my brain works, and for others being in their twenties is nothing more than something you are, a number. So I hope some of this makes sense and helps a bit, I might have gotten lost in my own thoughts there for a second, so forgive me, I just feel like being twenty is on the cusp of childhood and adulthood, so everyone deals with it differently. I just hope yours are filled with happier days and less setbacks than mine.