Betty or Veronica?

Betty Or Veronica?
MAC cosmetics released their valentines limmited edition collection based on the Archie Comics.
Are they trying to take all my money?

so I went a little nuts and bought quite a few items that I thought I'd share with you.



The "Young Hearts" Mirror and Pouch

The "Just a Flirt" Makeup Bag

And "Archies Girls" Brush Kit

The Eyeshadow X 4 pallet with the colors from right to left: 
Cheryl Chic: a champagne-y bubbly pink
Dreammaker: a champagne-y buttery yellow
Caramel Sundae: a glittery buttery beige
Showstopper: a dark matte brown

 A pearlmatte face powder called "Veronica's Blush"
a pretty pinky rosey blush and can be used as a highlight too

Ronnie Red
deep red but not too deep, like blood but more pink?

Betty Bright
A pinky corally that isnt an orangey coral

Girls Next Door
a frosted pink super reminiscent of the 1960s


Outfit Details:
Dress: TopShop
Purse: Borrowed from my lovely sister Kelsey, but originally from TopShop
Shoes: Guess (also borrowed from Kelsey)

So What is it?
am I a Betty?

or am I a Veronica?

Silly silly pussycats, havent you realized by now that

I am a ginger after all ;)

SO I hope this post was as fun for you as it was for me
I'm fully stocked with makeup for like two years now 
I also wanted to mention MAC didnt give me any of this, I paid for it all with my own money
have a great day
and please, keep it sassy


  1. Such a precious post!! You look gorge <3

  2. Oooh you are so lucky! I really want some of this collection but it's not coming out here for another 2 months ): Damn being in New Zealand! No doubt as soon as it comes out I will be getting a few items though!

  3. They did an awesome job on the packaging and I love your photo shoot with the desserts :) I like the second "Betty" colour on you best!