We Danced, and We Cried, and We Laughed and Had a Really Really Really Good Time.

New Years Eve 2012:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis LIVE

If you havent heard of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis STOP RIGHT HERE watch this video and educate yourself.

This song is so infectious. But before I go into my amazing NYE expiernce may I explain how I learned about the band. During my first semmester at college this tiny blonde sat behind me during our journalism class, she reminded me of a small fairy but with giant glasses and a BookBook to protect her computer. She tapped away at her computer during class as elegantly as if she was writing on a type writer and I just looked back at her one day and thought, "we are going to be best friends." I chose her as my partner for a project and the rest was history.

This friend I speak of is my tiny little Sofi.

She comes from Seattle, she loves three things more than anything in the world,
Coffee, Seattle and Macklemore

When sitting around my hookah sometime last year, we were sitting cross legged and listening to music when she looked at me, pushed up her glasses and asked me "Have you heard of Macklemore?"
I said obnoxiously "Who dat"
AND SHE FLIPPED OUT she was so geniunely shocked that I had never heard of him
Incase you are like me and you still haven't a clue who we are talking about let me briefly summarize
Macklemore aka Ben Haggarty or Professor Macklemore is an american rapper halling all the way from Seattle Washington. With his amigo and producer Ryan Lewis, they've created an amazing discography of funky jams that will have you dancing or crying or maybe a little bit of both.
Macklemore preaches tolerance in his music, he is for gay rights and same sex marriage and just about acceptance of everyone. He speaks on issues such as religion, white privilege and homosexuality in the music industry.

He is just a tolerant amazing human being quoted saying,
"I want to be someone who is respected and not just in terms of my music. I want to be respected in terms of the way that I treat people. The way, the subjects in which I choose to .. address through my music. And not because I'm, like, trying to make records about them. It's just that's what's important to me. Music is my creative outlet in terms of expressing what is important to me; what has importance, what has a value. And I wanna be respected for that."
—Macklemore, Jabari Presents
I reiterate his music resonates so deeply with me 
and even more so with my dear friend Sofi. She LOVES him, he is reppin her home town and of course us liberal feminist nerds just get so excited about the message he preaches. 
So when we heard he was coming her WE JUST ABOUT LOST IT.

Now onto the real show.
It was New Years Eve and we were feeling pretty flossy
Waddup instagram selfie.

Anywho we get there
we push our way to the front, 
aint no way in HELL my best friend wasnt going to be in the front row, she's only 5 feet tall!!

(photo by Kristen Rydberg)

Were ready
and in the words of Macklemore
We danced, and we sang, and we laughed and had a really really really good time
The show was SPECTACULAR

(photos by Sofi)

With each song he performed he evoked a different emotion from me.
I danced like a maniac, I rapped like a maniac and several of his songs actually made me cry. I cried so hard one of the bouncers came up to me and gave me a stack of tissues it was probably the cutest thing that ever happened to me.
The song Same Love really hits my heartand I just lost it seeing this live.

He was just so much better live than I could've ever fathomed.
I could feel my heart beat with the music, I sweat like I had Bieber fever, and I screamed like I was in a horror film. It was the most overwhelmingly awesome musical experience that I ever had. 

He told us stories, and hopped into the audience so many times
and at the end of the night he counted us down to midnight where my dear Sofi was my midnight kiss!
He then had us all chant "WE ARE FUCKING AWESOME, WE ARE FUCKING AWESOME" and shot out confetti at us.
It was seriously the most uplifting performance I've ever attended. 

He treated us like we were friends, he raised his glass of Martinelles to us and then proceeded to spray it all over us. 

He was such a hommie and during his performance he touched my hand.

I touched Macklemore
SO if you havent gotten a chance to listen to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I whole heartily recommend their music to anyone that has ears. 

It was spectacular and the best way to ring in the New Year!!

How was your New Years,
and what was are your resolutions???

Have a wonderful day and PLEASE, keep it sassy, xoxoxo


  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got to see macklemore & ryan lewis!!! i swear they are like the most perfect human beings. i just discovered him last month and i was INSTANTLY in love. "same love" is my fav, and i remember one time i would play it on repeat for like 2 days. i love it. sounds like you had the time of your life! so jealous! and happy new year!

  2. Oh wow, that is such an awesome way to spend your New Year's! I really enjoy Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and it's cool to see you saw them live. I'm sure it was an amazing experience! :) I really like their song "And We Danced", so I knew exactly what this post was going to be about just because of the title! The pics are great too! Happy New Year! :)



  3. I am wicked jealous of you! Love them!!!

  4. That Thrift Shop song was funny, and now I totally have the chorus stuck in my head. I'm like the last person to listen to rap but I have to say I really enjoyed that video. And I LOVE that you are so passionate! I can't fathom a bouncer handing out tissues... haha.
    Happy New Year!

  5. i'm like, bowing down to you. you have spectacular music taste wow. i'm not even that into hip hop but i discovered macklemore & ryan lewis about a month ago and they're flawless. you're beyond lucky though c: glad you had an awesome time!

  6. Hot selfie

    xx Domenic