Starting Fresh: My Experience as a College Freshman

Starting Fresh: My experience as a College Freshman
At this point in our relationship, junior rangers, I feel as though I must not keep anything from you guys.
Therefore I thought I would rehash my freshman year in college.
Oh boy.
So I'll try to keep this as interesting and as concise as I can.
I hated everyone and everything till I stopped being an elitist wench and gave people a chance. When I first saw my floor mates I thought "yuck, these people aren't artsy or fartsy both things that I am, how could I ever befriend these people?" WRONG. That is a waste of time and I also sounded like a dick. 
The biggest lesson I learned in college was don't judge anyone especially upon first impression. So what if the girls on my floor enjoyed wearing leggings as pants and didn't listen to Neutral Milk Hotel, they were still awesome people and if they could get over their first impression of me and our lack of common ground, why shouldn't I do the same. 
Another lesson I learned was avoid drama at all cost, I steered clear of most drama, because frankly, I knew I couldn't keep up with some of the girls on my floor. Girl on Girl, Girl on Boy, Boy on Boy, Boy on Girl, ALL DRAMA IS BAD DRAMA, and if you have to share a bathroom with these people avoid it as much as you can. Going along with that, its best to steer clear of getting romantical with people on your floor but that will inevitably happen, but try to avoid it if possible, it gets awkward, fast. I dated a boy on my floor and at first it was great...but then I knew I wanted to break up with him, but it was a month and a half away from summer and I saw him every day! So I was a coward and just avoided him at all costs (don't do that). 
Try to avoid being the girl that cries when she is drunk, complaining about "your girls talking shit about you" and how "real" you are when sobbing uncontrollable and gasping for air while your bra straps have fallen off your shoulders and you reek of tequila is not something you should be going for. Surround yourself with positive happy people when you are drunk and all should be good!
Don't let others dictate what you eat and try to stay vaguely healthy. I just remember I went to the cafeteria once and I sat down next to my friend with a salad and she said "you're only eating that? a salad is rabbit food" and I just looked back at her and said "don't you worry about what I eat, missy," and that shut her up.
Don't smoke, its just an easy and bad habit to get into.
Also, try in school, note I'm not saying "try hard," believe me, unless you are at Harvard, minimal effort your freshman year will do, just remember to at least do that! I actually had two friends fail out their freshman year, *face palm*.

The last most important thing I'd like to say is, There is such thing as "sober fun"

woah, breathe, put down your Mike's Hard Lemonade. 
While many a night was spent drunk off of orange Bacardi or Jager bombs, there were many moments had, that were sweeter without artificially flavored vodka!

For example a friend and I once spent an entire afternoon taking about 1,000 silly photos on her photo booth and made an album on Facebook called "Boner fest." Or when my dear friend Sofi and I trekked it all the way to the other side of the island to go to the massive thrift store Savers and left with oodles of goodies. Or maybe when we found this nasty Jesus painting and kept putting it in creepy places....such as the bathroom....  

It was creepy and weird, and weird and creepy
but it was all so much fun.

However I could not finish this thought without mentioning the BEST prank ever.
We all loved our derpy RA Josh a lot, he was so nerdy yet so lovable, so while he went home to Maui for a weekend, we changed out floors theme to "Josh Theme"
We put a picture of him up on EVERY single door along with a name to match.
We put tiny photos of him everywhere too and printed out Josh quotes for an extra special touch. 

It was such a funny, really stupid prank that used all of my printer ink, but it was completely and totally worth it. 

I guess I just want to say, take every opportunity that is presented, but don't loose sight of who you are.

So have a lovely day, let me know if you have any specific questions about my freshman experience.
Have a great day, and PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. This was a fantastic post! I'm a Freshman in college and I know exactly what you mean about practically everything you mentioned. I'm on Academic Probation this semester and it's because I really didn't have anyone tell me the things you posted here! So thanks! I'm also kicking ass in my classes and really doing a lot better overall. :D


  2. This is awesome! I'm going to college next year (aieee!!!!!!)
    also, Jesus painting? I hope you put it over someone's bed


  3. Good advice! I'm going to college this fall and I'm like, really excited! :D

  4. That was a fun post :D
    And that prank idea is the best one I've ever heard haha xD